How to Migrate OS to SSD or HDD in AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro (Example)

migrate operating system to SSD or HDD

As time passes, computers lose their efficiency, and even some of their functions, so it is necessary to migrate the operating system (OS) to another computer or SSD and HDD disk.

But why is it a viable option? When we use a computer for a long period of time, we store information without thinking about the possibility that it will be damaged at some point.

The day this happens, we can only think about how we will recover all the documents of great importance, and the multimedia contents that are not backed up elsewhere.

Migrating the operating system allows you to obtain all this type of data, including the computer’s configurations and the files contained in it.

This works as a backup, which can be installed on the hard drive of another computer, to continue working with your content from another computer.

Currently this can only be achieved by software, which is why this article deals with said program and how to use it efficiently to make the necessary backup to continue enjoying your computer.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro: The idea software to migrate your computer’s operating system

Partition Assistant Pro is one of the latest versions released by AOMEI Technology company, designed for manage hard drive partitions that are necessary within those computers that work with Windows.

migrate your computer's operating system

Its purpose is to save the computer that has failures in the face of a specific situation, which it achieves efficiently through its recovery assistant.

Partition Assistant Pro Features

Mainly, it is in charge of generate or create the necessary partitions of an operating system, including the programs, the documented content and its configuration, in order to be able to extract it and install it on another computer with greater optimization.

Likewise, in the event that the computer fails to start, generates a startup wizard that allows the computer to work again, in order to continue using it or create the necessary backup.

In the event that professional tasks are needed, AOMEI works as an ideal assistant to complete it, thus facilitating the user’s work.

For what reasons should the operating system be migrated to another computer?

When systems are partitioned, they are usually done to transfer all this information to another hard drive, and then continue to manage it comfortably.

However, this is not done simply for the sake of it. During the use of computers, situations may arise that lead to these types of solutions.

One of the main ones is when the hard drive lacks space. Reason why it is still not viable to use it, since it prevents the correct operation and storage of new content.

Moreover, also it may happen that the PC works faulty. The system may require an update. To improve those negative aspects that do not let the computer work correctly.

How to migrate Windows OS from AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro?

Once you have installed the program on your computer, all that remains is start the executable file to begin the partitioning procedure.

The main screen consists of two columns: the left with the options and functions of the software, and on the right the disks that are available inside the computer.

migrate Windows OS from AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro

The first option is the one you are going to use: “Migrate OS to SSD or HDD”. It is the one that is responsible for cloning the entire operating system to transfer it to another hard drive with the same or greater capacity than the previous one.

To achieve this, just select the disk where the copy will be stored, and allow the procedure to complete automatically.

At the end, you can continue enjoying the operating system with which you have been working through your new hard drive. Y without needing to reinstall Windows or copy each of the files you used previously.

That is why migrating the operating system is very efficient. Especially in case of possible situations that risk the correct operation of the equipment.

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