How to Model 2D or 3D Objects with Floor Plans in Google SketchUp

How to Model 2D or 3D Objects with Floor Plans

If you are an architect, engineer or design fan, we are sure that Sketchup is your best help when doing any job 2D or 3D visualization and modeling. This program was designed to be intuitive to use, which makes it so easy to use that even a child could design the playground of their dreams.

You are here because it is difficult for you to handle some Sketchup functionalities, such as 2D or 3D object modeling. Here we will explain it easily, but before, you must know the new features of Sketchup 2021, since the improvements of this program are significant.

SketchUp 2021 program feature

Let’s start with one of the most notable changes, the logo. Before we could see that it was a red cube with white details, but now the Trimble company with views on the fresh and elegant, has chosen to change to a cube with rounded cures in white and blue details.

Another change is, be able to add labels in foldersThis will help you a lot to show or hide the objects that you have added in the design in case there are many, you can also add folders within folders to have a better organization.

architectural design of a house with the sketchup program

New items added that can be configured parametrically with the new “Live Componet” function. To know it, go to the top menu and click on the new tool “3D WareHousea” then on the magnifying glass and in “ADVANCED” click on “Live Componet”, then choose the option “MODELS” and choose any element you want, of course you can configure its parameters at your convenience.

Also They have incorporated a new program its name is “PreDesign”, this tool makes an energy analysis of the area where our construction project will be and works through the browser. To use it, we only have to place the location of our project and the program analyzes the climatic data of the area, then gives us a series of recommendations so that the construction is energy efficient.

Undoubtedly these improvements are excellentDon’t wait any longer and buy the Pro version of SketchUp and enjoy all the new features of this program.

Taking into account these new features we can go on to explain how to model 2D objects so that when you download the new version you will be able to handle the program with complete safety.

How to model 2D objects with SketchUp

It is likely that you are faced with the idea of ​​building an object, to make it come true the best you can do is translate the idea into a 2D plan This way you will be able to perfectly visualize the measurements that you must take into account to build your object and model it to your liking, instead of doing it the old way with paper and pencil we will teach you how to do it in “SketchUp”, follow these steps.

  • Open SketchUp and go to the top toolbar where the standard view iconsr, they are small houses that are oriented in different directions.
  • Click on the tool icon “top view” this is the only tool you will need to make 2D designs.
  • Now you can start drawing. Use the pencil tool to draw the lines of your project or the arc tool to make curved lines, you will see that SketchUp is very easy to use to perform any action you need
  • To better help you, you can use the scrolling tools that SketchUp offers to better visualize your object.

design of a room with the sketchup program

This is how easy you can create any 2D object, with this of course we can explain how to model 3D objects with SketchUp.

How to model 3D objects with SketchUp

  • In the upper toolbar select the square icon and create an object with the measurements that suit you best if necessary change the perspective of the plane to better visualize the objects
  • After we have our object go to the toolbar and select the function “Push pull” Click on the object and without stopping pressing, drag upwards and you will be able to see how the 3D effect is made on the object.

With practice handling these tools will be very simple and you will be able to model the objects in 2D or 3D to the parameters that best suit you.

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