How to Moderate Comments in WordPress with Plugins Automatically

If at some point in your life you have wanted to promote your company or create content, but you do not have the monetary resources to create a website, you have reached the solution that can change your life, today you will learn what it is and how manage comments in WordPress automatically.

The feeling between users It allows the content creator to know his audience, from what time is the most suitable to publish his content to what types of posts his audience may like.

What functions does using WordPress offer us for our website?

WordPress is the most widely used software worldwide for design web pages of any kind, Its purpose is to publish mixed content between articles, videos, news, blogs, virtual stores, social networks and forums, among others.

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Its fame is because it is focused on users no previous knowledge in programming expanding the possibility for more and more people to create websites; This platform has a wide variety of tools that offer us the following functions:

Tickets: it is the tool with which we can create and edit any type of written information such as blogs or news to enter it on our page.

Media: this function allows manage all media files that we will use in the different segments of our page, images, sounds, logos and documents among others.

moderate comments in wordpress

pages: it is the organizer where we will manage the ramifications of our website in an intuitive way.

Appearance: is the function that allows us customize our website and give it our creative touch, it has default themes, widgets and a header and menu editor.

Plugins: in this option, WordPress utilities multiply exponentially, since we will find a great variety of external programs to add various utilities to our website, such as security tools, image compression for quick access, inbox management among others.

What are the advantages of using WordPress over another writing tool?

The WordPress platform is created in order to facilitate the process of creation, design, distribution, content management and updates without knowing code. Through plugins we can expand the possibilities when managing our website.

Therefore the biggest advantage of WordPress is that you can have a web page that you can adapt to your needs and in addition to that, managing its content, being able to create, update and schedule the articles to be published. This is why WordPress is so popular and used by everyone who owns online businesses.

How the comments section works in our WordPress

This platform natively has a comments section that we will find in the settings section. This option aims to create on our page the possibility for the user leave comments such as opinions, criticism and suggestion on the website; When creating them, we must establish the dynamics of the comment states that are allowed and which one works best in our project.

There are several types of comments that we can allow users of our page, mainly there are ‘open’ comments that are allow users to leave comments on any article on our website and we can filter who can post, such as only subscribed users.

plugins are required in WordPress comments

There are also closed comments, these are threads that can no longer be answered which is useful for certain cases such as a post, finally there are deactivated comments, these can never be commented since they are published.

Why are plugins necessary in WordPress comments?

Web pages by themselves are very useful, but a comment section adds great value to the experience, by itself the WordPress tool allows you to configure this interaction for the end user, but using plugins we can add functions and improve the experience .

In addition, the default comment tool has deficiencies in some aspects such as moderation, since you have to read all of them manually to see which one incurs a fault to eliminate it.

Problems aside we will prevent spam from bot generated comments that are useless and even the ‘search engines’, since many users tend to comment on things that do not contribute anything other than advertising themselves by leaving annoying web addresses which damages the experience both to the creator of the page and to its users.

What are the best comment management plugins?

It is no secret to anyone that all content creators place a lot of importance on their audience, because in the end they are the ones who keep the brand in the market.

For this reason WorPress has created the option to post comments in each of the posts, which facilitates the interaction between creator – audience.

But currently that function is quite limited therefore the use of plugins allows to expand this function and thus improve the quality of content on our website.

In addition to this, there are other plugins such as ReplyBox, Disqus and Comment Luv that also allow these functions, so when it comes to choosing there is a lot of variety, however JetPack is considered one of the best.

manage moderate comments wordpress plugins

It is a pluging or add-on with an excellent visual interface that works externally to WordPress or our server, it has compatibility on other sites like Tumblr among others.

It comes with a combo of features that position it as one of the favorites for web creators, includes the social login feature, include comments with images and videos, a tight antispam control.

Another feature is that it works as a network where all the comments made on this platform have a history, this will allow Disqus users to follow each other to improve collaboration and community. It also has its own inbox and allows comments to be moderated, as a negative factor it forces the user to log in to a social network such as Facebook, Twitter or Disqus directly.


This pluging offers similar functions to Disqus, but it is located on our server, it has a simple interface and offers speed improvements, this add-on has a lazy loading function so that the comments section will be loaded when necessary when the user reaches the end of the website.

It has high compatibility with anti-spam plugins and allows access to social networks for identified comments although they can always be done anonymously. As a feature, it gives the ability to reply to comments directly from your email inbox, facilitating more fluid interactions.

JetPack addresses one of the most notable shortcomings in WordPress and allows users to easily sign up by entering their first and last names or simply syncing their account with social media.

Even so, the user can customize their profile and choose whether or not they want to have notifications through Gmail or count the people who view content daily, as well as choosing the color format you want to see.

  1. First we must install WordPress on our device, after that we install the JetPack plugins, which although it is relatively new is considered one of the most used worldwide.
  2. By obtaining the plugins, it almost immediately replaces the functions of WordPress comments, the mechanism is quite simple. A box will be highlighted to write your comments, click on the publish function and it will automatically appear in the article.plugin to manage comments in wordpress


Its main characteristics are a feedback of data between its own servers and those of WordPress to avoid connectivity problems; on the other hand it gives more privacy to users, since does not monetize with their profile data and doing this avoids a data load that speeds up the process.

ReplyBox when working with bundled with other plugins like Akismet it works a bit faster than Disqus and by requesting users to register and log in to its platform or to Google, it does an excellent management of spam comments; It also allows you to edit the comments after publishing them, giving the possibility of correcting errors.

This pluging is paid, its interface is more intrusive as it replaces WordPress’ own and is hosted on our server, it is characteristic of this addition to allow users users a voting system to rate comments from other users, this option being very useful in forums or social networks. With this possibility, comments can be classified to show the highest-rated ones first, but they can also be classified manually.

As a plus you can tag the most active users in the comments as a kind of ‘featured fan’.

The integration of this pluging is designed to facilitate interaction between users and encourages them to comment more frequently with buttons like ‘leave a comment’ both at the top and at the bottom of the list; Among other functions are: Show a personalized message to a specific user, redirect them to another page, ask them to share on social networks.

Why use WordPress?

WordPress is a categorized tool for creating web pages based on CMS (content managers). This system not only allows you to create your website with these content managers but they facilitate the administration of it.

Likewise, you can control this website yourself without hiring third parties from applications that are quite simple and without prior knowledge of programming advanced.

It is one of the most used content managers in the world, in fact 30% of the websites created in the world were designed under WordPress.

Therefore, this software is in constant development, allows you to do everything you have in mind since it works together with different plugins such as visual composer, among others. Here you can create from online stores to academies with virtual classes.

manage to moderate comments in wordpress automatica

Other WordPress features

This program never ceases to amaze you, from here we can also use plugins to design and position our logo on the home screen, obtain name and surname of our users.

Count the number of comments, sort the most recent articles, determine your most popular post based on the views and comments obtained.

And if that weren’t enough, you can build templates that fit your goal, as well as allows inserting youtube videos and audios that guide the user.

Create surveys that allow us to facilitate the management of content, and it is that if all this time you have been afraid to undertake due to lack of publicity It’s time to do it!

As a result, we can advise you to get out of that shell and show the world your brand, that with this application you can promote yourself in a simpler way but without ceasing to be professional.

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