How to modify locked texts in AutoCAD

I’ve been working a lot lately AutoCAD and the other day i ran into a little problem at my work. For some strange reason, in various CAD drawings, there were many texts it seemed that they were blocked. I couldn’t modify or delete them. The weird thing is that the texts were on the same layer as some selectable objects.


To solve this we just have to do the following:

  1. type the command loctext .
  2. Key ACT to activate the command.
  3. type the command REGEN to regenerate the drawing.

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with this little trick all texts will be squares and even blocked ones. We can modify them or do with them what we want. To have the text again we will only have to repeat the previous steps but instead of typing ACT type DES to disable this feature. I hope I have helped you with this little trick for Autocad online, although it also works on the desktop version.


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