How to Modify or Change Labels to Partitions with AOMEI Partition (Example)

modify change labels AOMEI partitions

The hard disk is one of the most important elements of a computer and other devices, regardless of its presentation, so taking measures for its conservation and care is really essential, especially not to regret the waste of information that this device contains. Throughout this article, you will learn how to modify partition labels with the amazing AOMEI Partition.

That is why learning how to create or modify a partition on your hard drive can be very helpful. And while you don’t need to be a scholar to carry out these types of actions, questions can always arise about it.

Partitioning your hard drive has never been so easy

For those who are just entering this type of measure, the partition consists of divide the storage space of a hard drive. This type of measure is widely used as a way to back up the information on your computer.

Partition your hard drive

It is also the main step taken by all those people who have the desire to install different operating systems on the same computer, making the most of how spacious the hard drive can be.

For whatever reason, partitioning the hard drive is extremely important and beneficial, so you will require programs that make this procedure much easier than you can imagine.

AOMEI Partition, the ideal companion

If you start a research on the programs you can use to partition your hard drive, the list can be extensive and some programs may not be as effective as they promise.

That is why here, that recommendation that is made with your eyes closed is AOMEI Partition Assistant, a very easy-to-use tool that, although perfect for a partition, is also capable of performing other types of actions such as restoring, deleting, expanding, or modifying a partition, as well as formatting large-capacity hard drives.

Download and install

To obtain this incredible tool, you just have to enter its official page. The installation process is extremely simple and, it should be noted, although the free version is helpful enough, it has Pro and Server versions that are ideal for users with advanced knowledge on this topic.

Modify partition labels

Identifying hard drive partitions is something that will allow to have a greater and better management of content that you store and manipulate in each of the divisions of the device, which is why sometimes it can be ideal so as not to get confused.

As noted above, with AOMEI Partition Assistant will be able, among other things, to carry out this type of action in an extraordinarily fast, easy and safe way.

Step by step with AOMEI Partition

Tags are identifications that the system assigns both to your hard drive and to each of its partitions, as well as to each storage device connected to your computer. If you want to modify the partition labels, AOMEI partition makes it easy for you in an incredible way.

AOMEI Partition

In the cases corresponding to a hard disk partition, the AOMEI interface makes this action very easy to carry out and the step by step is here:

  • Once the program has been downloaded and installed on your computer, it is time to start using the program. In its interface, you will see a window called “Partition Operations”.
  • Select the disk partition on which you want to make the label change.
  • Scroll through the list of options until you find “Change Label.”
  • Supply the tag name you want to place.
  • Click on “To accept”.
  • Later, look at the top left of your screen for the “Apply” button.
  • This will cause a new window to open that will show you the changes or operations you are trying to perform. Click the button “Proceed”.
  • A new window will appear to ask: “Do you want to restart it?” and you will click the button “And it is”.
  • Wait a few seconds for the program to reboot the disk partition.

Change made successfully!

With this simple step by step, you will verify that the partition label of your hard drive has been changed. Open the file explorer Windows, go to the section “This team” and you can view the new partition name. Modifying partition labels with AOMEI partition is very easy! What are you waiting to try it?

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