How to Open a DXF File for Free Online (Example)

Ho, thanks to advances in computing the Desing assisted by computer, is a tool widely used by different professionals such as architects, engineers, graphic designers, industrialists, among others.

This assistance is done through AutoCAD, i.e. CAD software, prepared by the Autodesk company in 1982; tool that allows these professionals to make both two-dimensional drawings and three-dimensional modeling.

Now, the AutoCAD program has several extensions, including the DWG and DXF file formats. There are several programs to open DWG files without AutoCAD and both are similar; since they were created to exchange information between different CAD programs and drawing programs.

What is CAD Software and what is it for?

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This software used by different professionals by computer, allows to present the information with a better structure, whether that project is being carried out at the moment, or to be developed; replacing the manual procedure with an automated one.

3d model of a dxf file in a cad software

That is, you can describe the entire handling, not only create it but also modify it and even perform graphic representations in second and third dimension; It is also used in computer-level animation and special effects.

What are the advantages of using CAD software for professionals?

The design can be changed several times, until the appropriate one is approved, allowing a reduction in project costs; in addition, it gains in speed and speed, saving time in the presentation of the prototype in question.

Of course, we are also ensuring better quality and precision, since the corrections have been made in just the right time, reducing possible errors; visualizing the assembly of the pieces for the final finish.

What is a DXF file?

The acronym DXF in the English language, Darwing Exchange Format, means that it is a interchange format for drawings from different designers, with the idea that it can be used as a universal format; being able to export or import the material with simplicity and simplicity.

The objective is to make operations between DWG formats and other programs that exist in the market; since this is a closed model owned by Autodesk; while DXF has a semi-public pattern.

The DXF is a model similar to a database for drawings, where the textual information about the design description to execute; There are several applications to handle DXF, some only allow you to see the designs and others that you can modify them.

These are some programs that have compatibility with the DXF format; among them we have AutoCAD, CorelDraw, ArchiCAD, FreeCAD, AdobeIllustrator, Paint Shop Pro, TurboCAD, Cinema 4D, FreeCAD and Microsoft Office Visio.

How to open a DXF file for free online?

Currently there are many web pages to view and convert different formats; such as opening a PowerPoint pptx file online. DXF files can also be opened for free. We will mention the three best:

For example, in the case of first ProfiCAD address, once you enter, a large dotted rectangle will be shown to you on the right side of the screen with two options to open the DXF file.

open dxf file online with proficad

You choose the option that you like the most, you can click on «Select a DWG or DXF file» (the window will appear for you to load your DXF files) or «Drag and drop it here», that is, from the location of the files on your computer.

Once opened, you can navigate using the mouse or mouse, holding down the left side to move and rotate in the different panoramic views; the central wheel is used to take the different shots, zoom type.

There is a wide variety of online options, which are not just limited to the DXF format. You can also convert a DWF file to AutoCAD’s DWG format, or even convert a PDF to an online editable DWG file.

Therefore we can conclude that this type of software is very useful for a diversity of professionals, saving time, money, reducing future failures not planned in advance and significantly improving the quality of the product.

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