How to Open a File with VCF Extension on My Windows PC with Excel (Example)

Generally, we can transfer the contacts from one cell phone to another on Android. Likewise, it is possible to do this process from a Windows PC using Microsoft Excel. Therefore, we recommend you read this article with which you will learn how to open a file with VCF extension on my Windows PC with Excel.

What is a VCF file?

A VCF file is also known as a “VCard” and refers to a electronic card (digital or virtual) containing information about particular contacts. This information may contain the names of the contacts, their telephone numbers, the photograph of each contact, their e-mails and information on physical addresses.

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What is a VCF file for?

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A VCF file is used to export and import all the contact information that we have managed from an electronic device. Also, some users prefer to attach a VCF file and send it via email to specific addresses. In fact, you can recover deleted contacts from your SIM card and get back your VCF file before opening it on your PC.

Applications to open a VCF file

A VCF file can be opened from applications that support this type of extension (.vcf) and the information they contain can also be edited.

In fact, Windows allows access to «VCard» files from the office suite «Microsoft Office». Reason why, it is possible to manage «VCards» from Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel without any inconvenience.

How to open a file with a VCF extension on my Windows PC with Excel

If you have collected information about your contacts in a VCF file and you want to open it from Microsoft Excel, we recommend that you follow a series of steps that we explain below.

Can I open a VCF file on my Windows PC?

VCF files often contain text only. Therefore, if you don’t have a contact manager on your Windows PC, don’t worry because you can open them using a text editor without any problem.

Even, Microsoft Excel lets you open VCF files quickly and very simple without having to download an additional program in your operating system.

The Windows “Contacts” tool

Windows has an extremely useful tool for managing your contacts. «Contacts» is a default application of this operating system and it is activated when you run a VCF file on your PC.

For this reason, if you double-click on the VCF file, it will immediately open in a new window with the “Contacts” tool that will show you several tabs. Each of them contains particular information of the «VCard» file referring to the email, the name of the contact, the address, identifiers, among others.

VCF extension in Excel

Enter Microsoft Excel

In addition to the contacts tool or the simple Windows text editor, you can access a VCF file from Microsoft Excel. To do this, enter the application from the start menu or through the search engine by typing «Excel».

Locate the VCF file

Once a new empty spreadsheet opens in Microsoft Excel, locate the «File» tab in the menu and click there. Then select «Open» and choose the location of the VCF file on your hard drive or removable drive (as the case may be).

Open the file with the VCF extension on your Windows PC with Excel

Choose the option «All files» that you will find in a drop-down list for the «File type» at the bottom of the window. Locate your VCF file and select it. A pop-up window will appear, where you must mark the option «Delimited» and click «Next».

Afterwards, be sure to select the options «semicolon» and «Space» for the purpose of set a space between the separators. Click the «Next» button and then «Finish.» In this way, you will be able to open and manage a file in VCF format on a PC in order to make the adaptations that you consider necessary.

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