How to Open and Save a File or Project in Camtasia Studio – Step by Step

After handling the basic processes to record, edit and render a video in Camtasia Studio, it is time for you to know how to open and save a file or project in Camtasia Studio – step by step, something that we show you below.

Open and save a file or project in Camtasia Studio

Saving a project to later work on it is usually very useful especially for those who are professionally dedicated to designing / editing videos. Undoubtedly, for those circumstances in which it is necessary to use several days of work, saving projects is very useful.

edit videos camtasia studio save project

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At the same time, remember to always work on your projects and put background music to videos without copyright in Camtasia Studio, in this way you will avoid problems later. Let’s continue with the project saving process.

  • The process to save projects is very simple, just follow a series of steps and you will be able to work again with a determined project.
  • While in Camtasia Studio, you should go to the “File” section.
  • Now press on the option «Save As» (Save As) At this point you must select the folder in which you want to save the project.
  • It is best to create a specific folder that you can access later. Similarly, you must provide a suitable name, after this, click on «Save».

In case you want to open the project again, just double click on the file that was created earlier. You can also open it directly from the program, both options are equally valid.

Save and export video in Camtasia Studio after completion

In case you want to save the project after it has been completed, that is to say export it, the process is slightly different, even so, make sure to put the finishing touches when darkening or lightening a video with Camtasia Studio, important to improve your production even more. Either way, exporting the video is very simple, follow the steps below to perform the procedure.

save project camtasia studio

  • Once inside Camtasia Studio and in the project that you want to export, you must locate the «Share» button which is located in the upper right part of the screen. Click on this button.
  • The following will depend on how you want to export the video. As you will see, there are several options, among which we find YouTube, Google Drive, Vimeo and clearly you can also save on our computer.
  • The most recommended thing is that you save the video directly on your computer, with the purpose of viewing it to verify that everything is fine. In turn, also before completing the whole process, it is recommended to save the project in the way we showed you before.
  • To save the video directly on the computer, click on the option «Local File». By doing the above, you will jump to the export menu. In the upper part, the export options must be configured.
  • It is certainly recommended to select MP4 options, as it is the most common and popular format, as well as being compatible with many devices and platforms. Select the option that best suits your needs, which can be 480P, 720P or 1080P, click Next.
  • On the next screen you must enter a name for the project and select the folder in which you want it to be saved. To change the name and folder, simply click on the small folder icon.
  • Find the option where you want to save the video and give the name that seems most appropriate to you. After making the previous settings, click on «Save». To complete the process, click on the option «Finish».
  • Just wait until the export process is finished and you will be able to view the video that you have made previously.

And that’s how easy it is to export a video with the Camtasia Studio program. It is undoubtedly a very powerful software, in fact, you can remove the green background or Chroma Key in Camtasia Studio, but this requires practice and study.

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