How to Open Any Application Instead of the Google Assistant?

From the moment technology began to be implemented in our lives, everything became easier for us. Technology allowed us to carry out tasks in a much more practical way and in turn to carry out increasingly complex tasks.

Currently, we live in a world where we depend directly on technology for the development of our society. From companies that use heavy machinery to process their products, to the mobile devices that we use daily.

All this is part of a great process that has been designed over the years to do the things we do every day in a more practical way. In this way, it is possible to focus on other things that help us grow as people.

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Today it is possible to access tools or applications that help us facilitate any activity. For example, the Google company that increasingly strives to improve its services, even offering an assistant, which allows you to perform any daily activity with greater ease.

How to open any app instead of Google Assistant?

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Without a doubt, something that has been revolutionizing our lives for years is mobile devices. Currently our dependence on them is very great, because they have become the most practical tool to connect with the rest of the world.

Over the years mobile devices such as Smartphones have been designed better and with much more advanced tools. All this to make the interaction we have with our devices much closer.

Also, links have been created between companies, which have served to create wonderful things. Among the most prosperous companies that are currently positioned in the first places, we find Google.

This is a company that offers technology and internet services, its main use is as a internet search engine. The Google search engine is currently the most used by people, as their default browser.

Its great popularity is due to being an innovative company that is always developing better services for its users. One of the most innovative tools that the Google company has developed lately is the Google Assistant.

This is a tool that was created to be used mainly on Android devices, it basically works as a personal assistant, which we can run from our devices. The Google Assistant works by voice commands, with this we can say commands or dictate orders and our device will execute them immediately. This way you can configure Ok Google

It is a tool that comes pre-installed on our devices, the activation of the Google Assistant can be done from the Settings. Also, we can configure it to suit our needs.

It is very important to know everything that our devices have to offer us. In this article we will learn all the steps that we must follow to open any application instead of the Google Assistant.

Steps to open any app instead of the Google Assistant

The best way we can use to open another application on our device instead of the Google assistant, is through an application. This can be downloaded from the Play Store.

They applied it was called Assist MaperTo download it we must enter the Play Store, in the search bar at the top we write Assist Maper. We select the first application that appears and the we download.

Play Store Assist Mapper

The next step will be to enter the tool Settings of our device and select the option Applications and notifications. Then we must enter Advanced Options, then we select the option Default apps. If you need to see the history of your notifications here we show you how to do it

When we enter this option we must go where it says Voice input and assistance, there will be all the assistance applications that we have installed. Now we just have to select the Assist Maper application.

In this way, if we have already carried out the previous steps, we only have to configure the application, for this we open Assist Maper. When we enter for the first time we will see a list of the services it offers us.

Finally, we only choose the action we want to perform when we press and hold the button. home. Also, we can search for the application we want to open from the search bar, now we select the one we want and that’s it.

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