How to Open Links or Facebook Links in the Google Chrome Browser

The internet has created a global impact because it has become the main means of communication between people regardless of where they are.

It is used to perform many activities from a photo, messages, videos, orders and online shopping, research, sharing information of interest, presentations and recreation.

The term internet comes from the English word Interconnected Networks which in Spanish means interconnected networks, that is, the networks that of all the computers in the world are linked to each other.

These networks are active to run with the TCP / IP protocolsThese protocols have evolved over the years to make the internet faster.

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In 1972, the internet system boomed through the University of UTAH United States in support of other California universities who jointly implemented the ARPANET.

This system was implemented at that time in 4 computers in various universities, but then due to its spread, the TCP / IP protocol was created that has been used from that time until today.

With the integration of several ideas for the best functioning of the internet, it was possible to obtain a system that allowed to store and not lose data with the help of hyperlinks which was born with the name of world Wide Web.

Thus began the processing of logical information and through networks, however to be effective it was necessary to create different interpreters that were capable of processing the labels.

When these labels are processed and read, all possible information could be unleashed, these interpreters are known as Browser or browser. In 1993 it was released on the market the first browser with Mosaic’s name starting the creation of other browsers.

You currently have a variety of browsers such as: Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Safari, Internet Explores, Avant Browser, Maxthon, Seamonkey, Nestcape Navigator, Flock, Google Chrome.

google chrome is the most used browser

What is Google Chrome?

It is one of the favorites for its simplicity, stability, speed, security, and above all for its comfort when using it. In fact, this browser can be found in more than 50 languages, you can also install it practically on any operating system.

Google Chrome has the ability to process and read all codes in JavaScript language, largely applied to web pages. Obviously Google Chrome is raised as an effective browser for you to use to access your videos, mail, music and purchases.

You have the option of being able to download to your mobile or computer the version that you like the most and that is adapted to your equipment.

Chrome is a term that means graphical user interface because the same is supported by graphics and images so that the person who uses it can visualize what they want in a simple way.

Even in Chrome you can use multiple applications from Facebook, Whatsapp, Instragram, also create links without complications and quickly and safely. In addition, in Facebook itself you can place the link of the video on an external website and be able to be viewed.

google chrome joins facebook on your devices

If you have Google Chrome on your computer or mobile device, but you want to open links on Facebook, I will show you how to do it below step by step.

  • Step 1
    From the Facebook application, locate in the upper right bar the Menu button.
  • Step 2
    Once the Menu is open, you should scroll down to locate the Configuration and Privacy option and press on it.
  • Step 3
    Then, go to the option Setting, When performing this action, the Account settings, scroll down and you will be able to see the option almost at the end Multimedia Content and Contacts, Click on this option and a settings panel will open immediately.
  • Step 4
    In this new panel you just have to select the option «Links are opened externally«And that’s it, from that moment on the facebook links will open in your default browser, in this case Google Chrome

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