How to Open Links or Twitter Links in Google Chrome Easily

Smartphone type devices they are leading the market. With their great versatility, they are presented in a very wide range of products which range from very high and very marked prices to equipment whose price is merely a fraction of what its competitors are worth in the market.

This is because it is a market rich in competition, it is a fairly common technology and this generates a constant need to this type of apparatus. Today, there is not going to be a day in which we do not see a blue screen, a television, a telephone or a computer. The absolute availability of these technologies has made a definite change in how man leads his life.

The telephones are the most common part of this technology. They have many Apps, like Twitter, but they can also have a wide variety of problems and issues that affect the way in which users use their cell phones. One of the most common problems is burning the phone board. In case it is giving errors, you can a guide on how to know if your cell phone burned or shorted.

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What is Twitter?

As said before, people can find out about things that happen faster than ever. This is achieved based on social networks, which are mass immediate communication media, which have strongly shaped how humans develop and behave on social occasions.

This is based on a simple premise, which implies the distribution of ideas and messages quickly among its users, who have the skills to make said message or idea have a greater projection among the audience.

Twitter has managed to maintain a constant audience because it has a simple formula that makes its content can be digested quickly and easily. This is because the messages are written and only have a maximum value of 144 characters. Also, this makes the information easy to store.

What permissions / skills do I require to use Twitter?

For this we will only need a Smartphone that is compatible with the App, which is available for iPhone phones in the Apple Appstore, and can also be downloaded for free when accessing your file on Google Play.

You shall allow the App to use a microphone and camera, so that you can record videos or take photos. Many people use twitter together with other Apps to promote their digital image. We recommend Photogrid to modify your photos, and there is a very good guide on how to use PhotoGrid.

The growing market for Smartphones requires that people every day have more skills which will be oriented towards technological development. Among the various functions of telephones is modifying internal storage settings. One skill people are always looking to acquire is how to factory reset an Android phone.

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When you are going to access a Twitter link, and you have a complete application (That is, you have downloaded the Twitter application and not Twitter LITE) you will see that the App’s own browser opens which allows you to browse the internet. However, many users find conflict with the use of it.

This is because it does not have the important advantages that make other Internet browsers stand out. An example of this is poor security in the password saving system and the inability to open new tabs to explore different content sources at the same time.

To do this, you must open the App. Once you enter, you must press the button on the top left, which may have both our profile photo and 3 lines placed horizontally. When this menu is displayed, we will click on «Settings and Privacy».

This will take us to a screen in which there will be two categories, your account and the general settings. In the latter, we will press the «Sounds and Screen» button. When opening this screen, we will be able to look for the «Use internal browser» button, which is activated by Default. If you deactivate it, this option will be deactivated and Twitter will ask you to choose an external browser each time you want to open a Link.

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