How to Open or Find Notepad in Windows 10 if it doesn’t appear to me

It is no secret to anyone that the evolution of Windows has been remarkable, changes that were not expected and the inclusion of new functions, they show it. But despite this, there is a very useful tool that seems to defy time and is invariably maintained and it is the notes blog and then we will explain how to open or find notepad in Windows 10 if it doesn’t appear to me.

This useful tool allows us to quickly and easily write any reminder or note, to have it at hand. Its use is simply limited to that and therefore does not allow major editions.

However, you can have different functions, such as saving one or more text files and reminding you to save them so they are not deleted.

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It has also acquired some features that programs such as Word have, which will allow you to make easy edits. One of them is the use of the key combination Ctrl + backspace, so that you delete the last word written. All this can be done in a very simple way, such as raising or lowering the volume with the keyboard in Windows 10.

How to open or find the notepad in Windows 10 if it does not appear

We can perform different maneuvers to find the notepad, in the event that we cannot find it where it should be. And in this way have access to this useful tool, whenever we need it. And we will explain to you how easy it is to open or find the notepad in Windows 10 if it doesn’t appear to me.

open notepad

One of the simple ways we have to access the memo pad, it is through Windows Explorer. From here we can enter the following address C: Windows System32 then simply locate the executable that is written in English notepad and then double-click on it.

Another alternative that we can use is if we have a saved text file With the notepad format, we select it and right-click on this file.

Then we select the Open with Notepad option, of course this in case the file has not been saved with these settings. In the case that if it is saved like this, we only have to double click on the file.

These are one of the easiest and most practical ways to access the notebook from the Explorer. Windows 10, now we will indicate another way to do it. And it is through the search box, there we are going to enter the following term Notepad or simply Notepad and then you choose the tool.

Different ways to open or find notepad in Windows 10

Now let’s move on to using another method to open or find the notepad and this time we will do it through the Start Menu of Windows 10. You should know that all the applications that are installed in this operating system have an access, which is in the start menu, in this way you will always have the tool at hand.

To make use of this form of search, we go to the Windows logo and click, then the Start Menu will be displayed. In it, we will look for the Accessory section of Windows and then we select Notepad. And voila, you see how easy it is and we still have another way to find this tool in Windows 10.

Now we will show you one of the easiest ways to open or find the notepad is by creating a shortcut for this application.

In this way you will always have it at hand on the desktop and to do this, we will position ourselves on the desktop and right click, then we will deploy the option New and we choose Direct Access.

create notepad

Once this is done, a window will appear to create the shortcut and we will write notepad in the Enter the location of the item field. Then we click on the Next option and now we will write the name of the access and we will put it memo pad and click on finish.

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