How to Open or Have Two Facebook Messenger Accounts at the Same Time on My Android and iOS Cell Phone

Facebook Messenger is an extension of the messaging service that offers the original facebook app. It has more features that are attractive and interesting for its users when communicating with someone else through this medium.

Not to mention that it has great advantages over the chat of the original application. Then we will tell you all about this app and how to use it with two or more accounts on your phone.

What is Facebook Messenger?

Facebook Messenger is an application similar to WhatsApp, since Facebook has an instant messaging system but only through text messages, while Facebook Messenger allows you to make calls, video calls, edit photos before sending them, among other things.

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All these actions can be carried out as long as we have an account registered on Facebook or, failing that, a phone number. verified by app.

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One of the featured features of Facebook Messenger It is its practical and unique design where it displays messages through chat bubbles, this allows its users to be able to respond to conversations while running any other application without any problem.

If you are a social media chat lover, this application will be very useful and fun for you. By using it you will be able to modify and customize your chat window design, it will show you more precisely who of your friends are online at that moment.

You can start secret conversations, configure an automatic reply on your Facebook Messenger, and even enjoy some games, and in the same way as Facebook, you can update Facebook Messenger on your iPhone or Android.

What do I need to have Facebook Messenger?

This application is available for the operating systems of iOS and Android, and to access it you only need to download it through the application library of your operating system, associate your Facebook account, if you have one, or your phone number and that will be enough to give you access to it.

Facebook Messenger works independently of the original Facebook application, although it is hard to believe, however it is still common to use one application as a complement to another. In the case of not having an account or profile registered on Facebook, it is also valid register a phone number.

To have Facebook Messenger without having to register a profile or account in the original application We only have to download this through the application store of our phone and when we open it, it will throw us a question of whether or not we have an account already registered on Facebook, we select the option that we do not have, and it immediately asks us for a phone number where we are going to place ours, from there we will wait for the confirmation message and that’s it.

From this we will be able to use Facebook Messenger independently of the original application. This is one of the most downloaded applications, due to the Facebook popularity and the drawbacks of your original instant messaging system.

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How to have two Facebook Messenger accounts at the same time on my iOS and Android cell phones?

Another notable feature of this application is that you can have open two or more profiles from different accounts at the same time on your phone, either Android or iOS. And it is also very easy to do.

To add another account to Facebook Messenger, the first thing you have to do is log into anyone, having the application already open with an account, you are going to go to your profile and click on it. your photo icon Profile that is in the upper right hand side of your screen.

Then all the settings of your account will appear, you will select the option where it says switch account, which is near the end of all options. In this option you will find the account you are using and all the ones you have added, in case you already have more added.

If you only have one and want to integrate more accounts, you just have to press the + symbol that appears in the upper right corner, add the name and password of the account, or the phone number that we want to use and that’s it. To change accounts is basically the same procedure.

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