How to Open or Have Two or More Different Badoo Accounts on the Same Phone

Are you having a hard time finding a new partner? Don’t have a lot of social skills? Technological advances have been a great help, even for people who, although romantic, are shy.

Badoo is, precisely, a very popular platform when it comes to finding a partner. But, How to open or have two or more different Badoo accounts on the same cell phone?

This question comes up frequently. Regardless of the reason why you want to have two accounts, you should know that it is possible! You just have to pay close attention to some recommendations.

What is Badoo and what does it work for?

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First of all, if you still don’t know this platform completely, take a moment to read this section. Badoo is a platform or social network for dating headquartered in Soho, England.

This social network was founded by a businessman of Russian origin, Andrey Andreev. It was launched in 2006 and since then its popularity has been growing. Is currently available in more than 20 languages and it has almost 400 million registered users.

badoo dating app

Important expansion

Badoo has been displaced in recent years by the appearance of applications like Tinder. However, this does not diminish its relevance. After 6 years active, Badoo surpassed the barrier of 150 million users.

The ease with which you can chat and flirt on Badoo has expanded it to at least 180 countries. Where it has shown most activity has been in the countries of Latin America, in addition to Italy, Spain and France.

A censored app

Without a doubt, when it comes to internet dating sites, Badoo has been important. However, despite being considered a secure platform … there are always risks. And is that some users have managed to do spam or phishing on Badoo.

The services of this application have been censored in some countries. In 2011, Badoo was no longer available in the United Arab Emirates. While, in Iran, the platform was blocked by the government in 2010.

How to open or have two or more different Badoo accounts on the same phone?

Signing up or creating an account on Badoo is easy, but … will having two be just as easy? The registration process consists of answer a series of questions. You fill out a form with your personal data, link an email and establish a password.

The rest is a piece of cake. Select the ideal photo and start using Badoo from your computer or mobile device.

One email, two accounts

For those who wish create two profiles from the same email, unfortunately not possible. Like any other platform, Badoo only allows one profile for each linked email.

So if you want to log into Badoo with another account, a new email will need to be created. In addition, of course, to carry out a new registration or affiliation process to the platform.

One device, two accounts

What is possible to do is use two different accounts on the same device. The particular thing about this matter is that you must select the means by which you want to use the account.

badoo app account

Is it possible to open or have two or more different Badoo accounts on the same cell phone? Yes, is it possible to use those accounts simultaneously through the application? No.

Open or have two or more different Badoo accounts on the same cell phone requires a fairly simple trick. After creating the new account, you just have to make the following decision:

  • The account you use most frequently, you can use it through the Badoo application.
  • For the other accounts, you can log in through the browser installed on your Smartphone.

Do you already have Badoo installed?

With these simple and effective tips, it is possible to open or have two or more different Badoo accounts. What are you waiting to download and install this application on your mobile device? Or, in any case, to use it from your computer.

Badoo could be the solution for your love problems and simply for make friends. Start adding or adding contacts and chatting with new friends … or potential partner!

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