How to Open or Play an .ARF File on My PC – Quick and Easy

The ARF format is quite unique and few applications have the ability to open it. If you want access your saved recordings in this type of file you can use various applications on the PC.

What is ARF?

Advanced Recording FormaThe better known as WebEx Advanced Recording Format is a type of file belonging to Cisco WebEx. Used to store online conferences and recordings.

Can contain elements such as audio, video, groups, questions and answers, file transfers and other shared resources. Because it is a peculiar format, few applications can be used to view its content, in many cases it is necessary to convert to a standard video format.

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How to open an ARF file on PC?

Cisco WebEx offers a native application to open an ARM file. However, there are other equally effective applications that can be used to open files of this type.

Cisco WebEx Player

It is the native application for open files of type ARF and that is why it is also the most used. Cisco WebEx Player allows you to view, edit all recordings in this format.

To use it you just have to go to the official page and download the application for free. It is very easy to use, and you will not have compatibility problems to open the recordings.

If you want to share an ARF file with other users you just have to send the link to other users that use the same application. Likewise, if you want to open a file in this format, you just have to open the file with the hyperlink.

Aiseesoft ARF Player

It is the equivalent of WebEx Network Recording Player. This application allows you open an ARF file, but it may be limited to edit the content.

The function is usually used Screen Recorder to capture the screen and burn the ARF file. When the recording is ready, it is converted to MP4 format.

Its installation is very simple and due to its intuitive interface is easy to use. By recording the screen you can capture only what interests you and configure the recording options in a detailed way.

File Viewer Plus

The File Viewer Plus tool allows convert ARF recordings in a format compatible with Windows (WMV) or Flash. It is characterized by being compatible with more than 300 file formats, which is why it is considered a universal application.

Using File Viewer Plus to Convert ARF Documents

It allows you to convert documents, multimedia files, images or other types of files. Owns a advanced image editor, which puts it above other similar tools.

Not only does it allow you to open files, but it also can edit, save and convert the documents. Convert multiple files at the same time in batch.

HD Video Converter Factory Pro

An application that supports ARF files. In fact, it promises preserve file quality by converting them to MP4, AVI or MP3 format. It supports multiple formats.

It is one of the most efficient applications available, with an intuitive interface that offers a great user experience. From the application you can download multiple videos for editing multimedia content.

Its video editor is quite complete, so you will get professional quality results. Its versatility makes it a multitasking program by allowing you to open, edit, save and convert almost any video file.

Convert an ARF file

If the ultimate intention of using the ARF file is to share it, it is best to transform the file into another standard format. The WebEx player is the best option in this case, although the other tools mentioned can do it too.

The WebEx player it is free and 100% compatible with the format. You can have an AVI, MKV, MOV, MPG or WMV file as a final result.

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