How to Open the Camera by Double Pressing the Power Button?

Then we will see how to open the camera by double pressing the power button in a simple way. The option comes natively on Android so we won’t have to install third-party applications.

The cameras of mobile devices have become extremely important today, something that has been enhanced since the massification of social networks. With the camera we can not only take pictures, but also record videos.

Most cameras come with many options from simple things like mute to more advanced depending on the brand of the device and the range of the same.

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Therefore, they are very important to practically everyone. And one of the things that usually happens is that we live a specific moment, ideal to immortalize it in a Photography. But until we take out the phone, unlock it, and access the camera, possibly that moment is over.

How can we quickly access the camera of our mobile? Configuring it so that pressing the power button twice not only unlocks automatically, but also with the app of the open camera.

This will help us save an enormous amount of time and take advantage of every moment to capture what we are experiencing. Do you want to learn how to configure this shortcut? We are going to teach you in detail how to do it, it is something very easy and it is found in the Android gesture options.

Therefore, any device can be configured to quickly access its camera by quickly pressing the power button twice. We are going to see in detail how you can do to configure it in yours.

take android photos

Open Android camera by pressing the power button twice

Devices with Android system include the function of opening the mobile camera by pressing twice on the power button natively. Therefore, all we have to do is configure our device to work in this way.

  • For this we must enter «Settings”.
  • Then we will go to the section of «System”.
  • Where are we going to meet «Gestures”.
  • Once we are here we will see that we have the option to configure a quick access for the camera that, when we press the power button twice, it will open.

This feature is included in most mobile devices. Nevertheless, depending on the customization layer and the brand, it may not be available, or the way to get to the settings varied slightly.

button on take photo

Use the power button to open camera

The opening of the fast camera It works both when the device is locked and when we are using another application. The idea of ​​this function is that we have quick and simple access to the camera to be able to take pictures as quickly as possible.

Once we open the camera we can use it as usual, it is not a simple quick access to take photos. But We access the camera app and all the functions that it brings. So, you will also be able to use the video mode to record quickly if that is what you want.

The only bad thing, is that the video mode cannot be set by default. This means that you will have to press the power button twice, then when you are in the camera app you will have to enter the recording mode as you normally would.

We hope this tutorial was useful for you. Remember that if you have any questions you can leave it in the comment box which you will find a little further down.

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