How to Open the Ports of my Router to Play Fortnite or Minecraft?

With the technological innovations that are now being implemented so that you can play online with your friends. As well as the appearance of powerful Routers that allow you to play a game of several hours without any interruption.

But you have heard the term open the ports of the Router, what does that refer to? Here we will explain How to open the ports of my Router to play Fortnite or Minecraft?

We must be clear that so that we can have a true online gaming experience with our friends. It is necessary that we have an optimal data exchange.

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We will only obtain this if we correctly configure the Router’s ports. And here we will explain How to open the ports of my Router to play Fortnite or Minecraft?

to play Minecraft

The configurations that we can make to our Router are varied so that it can work efficiently and we do not have connection losses. We can also make certain adjustments that allow us to configure a WiFi router and in this way improve connection security, this in a very easy and fast way.

How to open the ports of my Router to play Fortnite or Minecraft?

There are currently online games that it is necessary to connect to the internet that is very fast, but also of equipment that is more current, the same as the routers. Since games like Fortnite or Minecraft consume many resources. So one of the recommendations made by computer experts is about opening the ports.

But first we would like to give you some light on what a port of a router and this is nothing more than the input or output of information from the internet to your device and vice versa. To carry out this data exchange, the Router uses 65536 ports and these are numbered from 0 to 65536 and among them there are some that are closed and others open.

Then we will find different ports according to the function they perform, these can be well known ports and they are usually open. The dynamic or private ports and the registered ports are the ones used for the games and apps and its configuration is done automatically at the time of game installation.

If these ports have not been configured correctly so that they remain open while you play, some problems may appear. For this reason, it is imperative to be able to open them and thus have a greater flow of information both in and out.

Steps to open the Router ports for Minecraft and Fortnite

Then we will offer you how to open the ports of my Router to play Fortnite or Minecraft. But also other necessary recommendations for you to have a better experience playing these fabulous games. And first of all we will tell you that you must have a broadband connection of at least 25 mbps for the download and 3 mbps for the upload.

Now, in order to open the ports we need to be able to play and if we are on a PC that works with Windows operating system. We are going to go to the Control Panel, then we are going to select the System option to later choose Security. And as the last option in this window we are going to choose Windows Firewall.

In this new window we are going to select the option Advanced settings and then we click on Inbound rule. The next step will be to click on New rule and here we are going to select Ports. And we look to select the Next option, when performing this action a box will appear and the following option Specific local ports.

open router port

And here we are going to enter the number of ports that you need to be open to be able to play, in the case of Fortnite the ports are 53, 80.99, 443.5222, 5795, 5800, 5847.

And in the case of Minecraft it uses port 25565, in this way you will not have a problem with the connection. And so we finish this tutorial that taught you how to open the ports of my Router to play Fortnite or Minecraft.

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