How to Open Word, Excel and PowerPoint Documents in Safe Mode

Both Word, Excel and PowerPoint are widely used today by people at work or school. If you want to avoid errors when opening a document, you can do so by opening it in safe mode. You do not know how? Today we explain that to you under the topic: how to open Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in safe mode.

What is safe mode when opening Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents

Safe mode is a mode that simply put, allows to minimize and avoid errors when opening Word, Excel PowerPoint. To activate this mode, you will not need a complicated configuration, much less external extensions or add-ons.

This mode is sometimes activated automatically when Microsoft applications suffer a serious failure. This means that if in some way or another the Office applications do not work correctly or normally, the failures can be solved with the safe mode.

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Failures like when you open a single file in Excel it crashes, or maybe Word or PowerPoint won’t save your files or might crash. All of this can be eradicated with Microsoft Office safe or anti-crash mode.

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What you should know is that when you open a document in safe mode, the document will not open with elements like extensions, add-ons or taskbar customization. Nor will autocorrect work, and preferences will not be saved or other options will not work correctly.

How to open Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents in safe mode

You will have at least two different ways to activate safe mode in Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. It should be noted that you can only use this mode after activating Microsoft Office on your PC.

Open in safe mode with the CTRL key

It is in a very simple way, with only use the CTRL key on your keyboard. For that you must follow some quick steps:

First, you must locate the icon for direct access to Word, Excel or PowerPoint on your computer. Later, holding down the CTRL key double click on the icon of the Office application to open.

Now, when you get a message asking if you want to open in safe mode, you should click Yes. And this is it, the favorite application will open in safe mode on your computer at that moment. That is one of the many combinations or Windows keyboard shortcuts that increase your productivity.

Open in safe mode with Run option

The option Run Windows offers many solutions within your computer. One of them is to activate the safe mode. For this, you must first press the keys simultaneously Windows + R. You can also locate this option by typing «Run» in the Windows search engine and clicking on it.

Once you are in the Windows «Run» box, in the blank bar, you must the commands as appropriate:

  1. For PowerPoint, type the command powerpnt / safe and then press OK.
  2. As for Excel, type the command excel / safe and then OK.
  3. For Word, type the command winword / safe and click OK.

Now, if once you activate the safe mode in the Office applications, you want to stop the mode, it is possible. You just have to exit the application in question and restart it, then it will open as usual, normally and without safe mode.

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How easy all this was! In a very easy way you can activate the safe mode to open your Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Thus, you will decrease the margin of errors in these Office applications to get more out of them at any time. For more information on this, you can enter the official Office support in which similar issues are analyzed.

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