How to Order Food Delivery at SinDelantal? – SinDelantal Delivery (Example)

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Today Delivery applications are on the rise. Since the world has seen the need to work more from home. Thanks to this, very good companies have emerged such as the one with the title, which has given cause to speak for its excellent service. For that very Today you will learn how to order food at home at SinDelantal.

And, with how fast the world moves and how busy everyone is lately, it has become a necessity to order food at home. However, you cannot trust anyone to ship your products, you have to use companies that are really committed to their consumers, as in this case Without apron.

How to order food at home in SinDelantal?

To get straight to the point, the first thing you have to do to order food at home in SinDelantal is to create an account in the company’s App, since this is the intermediary when it comes to sending your products (the official app of SinDelantal is in the PlayStore).

Once you have it, you must log in and immediately enter the destination address (Your home address will be recorded, however you can enter a new one whenever you want, in case you are not at home). After doing that, you will have to proceed to find the restaurant from which you want to order something.

The listing of establishments that SinDelantal has is very extensive, so make sure you read it completely so that later you don’t have to cancel your order due to any disagreement. After you have chosen the place where you want to eat, you must add the products to the cart.

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To do this, you simply have to tap on the restaurant and navigate within its page to see all the food they offer, When you find something you like, click on “Add” and voila, it will be in your cart. At the end, go to the button “View cart” and click on it, this action will take you to a different section where you must select the option “Payment method”, in this you can configure a method to cancel your products.

Finally, having complied with all of the above, click on “Finish order”, this will make your order go through the application and arrive at the establishment you chose to buy, so you will only have to wait for your food to arrive (the waiting time appears on the screen).

Payment methods and customer service

With everything you read above it is already more than clear how order food at home at SinDelantal. So now to complement your learning, you will see the payment methods that there are, and how they can assist you in case of any problem.

To pay you have several options, from credit or debit cards, to PayPal (you are also allowed to view and redeem coupons to make discounts). Payments can be made online and will be accepted immediately (to enter the coupons, you will have to place your discount code in the section of the same that appears in the payment methods).

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If you have a problem with your order (I’m not on time, it’s in poor quality, among other things), you can contact the support of the page through a chat, in which you will be allowed to specify the problem in question.

In the event that you wish to cancel or edit an order, you will have 10 minutes from when your order was placed to reverse the transaction. Once you do, the money will be reimbursed between 3 to 5 business days (this may vary due to different factors such as the bank).

And voila, with that you already have enough information to order food at home in SinDelantal without any problem, so it’s time for you to take action and start placing your orders. Remember that this App is still growing, so if you notice a problem you don’t have to bother, just let them know so they can solve it.

However, if it fails a lot, you can try another home address company, such as Rappi (we recommend looking for more information about what the Rappi application is and how does it work ?, or also What is Glovo ?, so that you have more options).

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