How to Order Online at Home in El corte Inglés – Buy Online through the web

If you want to do your shopping from the comfort of your home and have it delivered to your home, you are in the right place. In this post we will teach you to place your orders online through El Corte Inglés.

How to shop online

You can easily navigate through the online purchase page from your mobile or laptop device. At the top of the page you will find the segment where you can register for an account of El corte Inglés and start your journey to purchase products, there you can also change the language and use the search engine to browse stores and departments in order to get the products you want to buy.

online shopping

After you select a store you will be able to see the list of individual items, and when you want to see an item in detail you just have to select its name and you will find all the characteristics of said article. Even El Corte Inglés has at your disposal food delivery sales that are able to satisfy your palate.

Before starting to buy you have the option to find out if home deliveries are made in your area, where it says “Delivery times”, Enter your zip code and they will describe all the delivery times in your area. You can try to get a discount code for your purchases.

How to add items to the shopping cart

To add them to the shopping cart you must enter the amount of products you want to purchase, either per unit or per grams, and then select where it says “add to cart” presented in green on the characteristics sheet.

If you have any problem adding them to the cart, don’t worry, you can reload the page or wait a few minutes to repair the temporary error that the page has presented.

The prices of online stores always coincide with the price of physical stores so you do not have to worry that the cost of your online purchase may turn out to be higher. You can also find different offers in the section “Today on Offer“, There you can get offers or promotions on different items, and if you see the symbol”%”In an item means that the item is on sale.

How to make your purchase

After you have chosen all the items you wanted to buy and have placed them in the shopping cart, you can put the option of “Process Purchase”. Then you go on to choose home delivery as your purchase method and then you will see the total cost of your purchases together with the price of home delivery.

buying online

When you have verified your amount to pay, place the option “Process purchase”But you will have to have accessed your El Corte Inglés account to continue with your purchase. After this it gives you the option to write your address to which your purchase will be taken, and the shipping cost will automatically adjust to how far the delivery is made, either in the same country or abroad.

From there it goes to “personal information”Where you will verify your data and your preferred payment method, you also have the option of requesting a report of your order by SMS. After all these steps select the button “To pay”.

In this step you can decide how you want to pay either with a credit card or some other option, such as gift cards or even PayPal, after choosing this option select “Pay Purchase”. In this way you will have finished making your first purchase at El Corte Inglés.

After placing your order, you should receive a confirmation email to the email you provided in your El Corte Inglés account, if you have not received this email check your junk or spam mailbox in case your email got there.

The new El Corte Inglés app

Thanks to the new El Corte Inglés app You can make your purchases even easier, with this app you will be able to choose from more than 300,000 products of all kinds and buy safely and comfortably from your home.

This app also offers a Premium service where it promises to take your purchases to your home through delivery in just two hours along with promotions and even discounts.

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