How to Outline or Justify Text in Photoshop Quick and Easy (Example)

Some formats such as the outline and justification of a text are relevant in graphic design. Even basic processes like putting text behind an image, people or objects with Photoshop could be complicated tasks if you don’t know the strategies to achieve it. For this reason, in this article we show you How to outline or justify text in Photoshop fast and easy

A powerful tool called ‘Photoshop’

Have you ever wondered: What is it, what is Adobe Photoshop for and what are its tools? The answers to these questions can be crucial before you start using this powerful application. First of all, you should know that Photoshop is an application that allows the photo and image editing.

On the other hand, the usefulness of Photoshop lies in the use of tools and other functions for editing photos and images. In addition, it is completely effective at the time of configure multiple images at the same time and get extraordinary results.

Photoshop Components

Photoshop has a work panel for adding images, an applications panel for adding plug-ins, a toolbar with functions for editing, the control parameters according to each tool and the control panels that are activated depending on the element (web design, 3D image, among others) that you add to the workspace.

Using Photoshop

How to outline or justify text in Photoshop fast and easy

Photoshop has different options at the time of edit an image such as the “transform tool”, “cut out”, the “magic wand”. Also, you can add or insert text into an image in Photoshop. So if your image includes text and you want to apply the outline and justify format, then read the following procedure.

Access Photoshop

Initially, you must download the app after accessing the official Photoshop site. To do this, click on the Windows start menu and select “All Applications.” Locate the letter “P” and click on “Photoshop.” Immediately, you will see the workspace and panel for this tool.

Use the ‘Text’ tool

You need to use the ‘Text’ tool containing the icon with the letter “T”. Click on this tool and choose the layer where the text you are going to justify is, you can select “Horizontal text” or “Vertical text”.

Locate the “Paragraph” panel and choose “Paragraph.” Adjust the text box using the “up” or “down” arrows. You will find a series of options that you can use according to your preferences.

Choose the text

Select the text box with the mouse or press “Ctrl + A”. Click on one of the justification icons found in the “Paragraph” panel. Slide the frame where you want the text to appear in order to get a “Layer.”

Write your text on this layer and click on “Window.” Select “Character” so that you can see options such as size, font, color or shape of the text. Choose “Horizontal Text” and create a text box with the size of the text. To do this, click on “Paragraph” to edit the paragraph.

Justify Photoshop text

Convert the text layer to paragraph type

It’s essential convert the text “layer” to type “paragraph” since the justification options are only available from “Paragraph”. To do this, click on “Window”, find the “Paragraph” palette and choose the justification. To select the text, press the “Ctrl + A” keys. Then, look for the justification options.

Proceed to outline and justify the text in photoshop

For outline text in Photoshop, check the type of text. If it is horizontal, you can choose the option “Align text to the left”, “Align text to the right” or the option “center text”.

On the other hand, if you have vertical text, you can select the option “Align text above”, “Align text below” or “center text”.

Is it easy to use Photoshop to outline and justify text?

Indeed, Photoshop allows you to outline and justify text very easily. In addition, you can personalize your texts by learning to install fonts / typeface for free in Photoshop or completely transform an image to upload it to any social network, all with simple steps that we explain for you.

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