How to Pass Cars to Friends in GTA 5 Online? – Very easy! – Grand Theft Auto 5 (Example)

If you want to become a professional in GTA 5, you obviously have to have the best vehicles as in any game in this series. There are many ways to obtain them, but today you will see the answer to a question on this same topic, which may help you to make the process easier, the question is How to pass cars to friends in GTA 5 online?

And it is that, who does not like to receive free things? Everyone dies for something that they do not have to pay for. So if they tell you there is a trick you can do this with, you will probably run to do it. Even more so if with the car they give you you can race in GTA 5.

How to pass cars to friends in GTA 5 online?

To get straight to the point and not lie about anything, you should know that the answer to the question How to pass cars to friends in GTA 5 online ?, is that you cannot do this. The company that created the game Rockstar, does not allow the exchange or transfer of any object (not only cars, you can not give money to friends in GTA 5 online).

Now, yes you can with some bugs duplicate a car and pass it on to a fellow creew, or just someone else. But this is not entirely legal, plus bugs are patched almost immediately.

Before, there were several tricks, such as using prostitutes and car insurance so that they would let you get a new one from the agency, claiming that yours had been destroyed or stolen. However, currently, according to reports, it does not work.

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Also, there was one that allowed you to duplicate the vehicle, using some tricks in the garage with another partner, but this one was also recently removed. Someone always finds a way to do it again. Which is not recommended at all, because if the developers catch you, you can get banned from the server.

So if you really want to get a stylish car, you should do missions and work To get the money, this is not difficult at all, since there are many events that give you money in large amounts just for having fun in a race, robbing some place, among others.

How to buy your vehicles?

With the question How to pass cars to friends in GTA 5 online?, already answered, it is time for you to look and learn the legal way to get the best vehicles in the game (which will only be for you). The first is buying one.

For this you must go to your mobile within the GTA and look for the section “Travel and transportation”, Being inside it you will see a selection of 4 websites where you can buy all kinds of vehicles and means of transport (the list is very long).

If you want to buy any, you just have to choose it and then press the button that is named “Buys”, After you have paid you will be asked to choose one of your garages to store the vehicle (if you don’t have one and you don’t know how to buy and where they are? Then you should find out because it is mandatory), choose the one you like the most and wait for your car to arrive.

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In addition to this way of obtaining a car, also then add vehicles to your collection With a very good trick, you just have to steal one from an NPC, and then take it to Los Santos Customs.

There you use the section “Theft prevention” and put a tracker in the car, with that it will become completely yours and you can keep it in a garage if you want. And voila, with that you know enough to say that you know how to get good cars in GTA.

So you not only learned the answer to the question How to pass cars to friends in GTA 5 online ?, but you also saw how you can get a good model of car legally and without incurring faults. Now that you know this information, it is time for you to start buying and selling cars to become a better player.

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