How to Pass or Convert an Image to Pencil Drawing with Gimp in No Time

Retouching photographs is a widely practiced custom to highlight and beautify images through a design program. These programs offer you various tools that will allow you to improve the quality of your photos with HDR effect easily and quickly.

These tools range from add filters manipulate brightness or saturation and also for others it ends as the one we are going to talk about today. Surely you have seen on social networks that people upload photos with a fun effect as if someone had drawn it.

Let me tell you that it is not a drawing that you are seeing but a effect which can be achieved using a program called Gimp. This image editing program has many tools and one of them is to make the image look as if it had been drawn or even to create a moving zoom effect

You had no idea and now you want to know how to use this program? Don’t worry, we will show you what you must do to achieve this effect. Just follow our guide and in a short time you will be able to convert all the photos you want to drawings using the program Gimp.

What is Gimp?

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Maybe you are not aware of the world of image editing and do not know the Gimp program or the tools you have. Do not worry, we will tell you a little about this program so that you have a broader point of view on the subject.

Gimp is a digital image editing program with a specialized bitmap-based architecture for drawing and photo editing. Be part of the GNU project which has made it available to all users for free and free, which makes it an ideal tool for free download.

It has many tools and one of the most relevant is the one that we are going to show you today, which is a very curious technique. This allows you to give your images a finish like pencil drawing which makes them look pretty good.

The procedure to give them that finish is not difficult, you just have to follow the steps that we are going to give you next in this guide. If you do it like this and do not make any mistakes, you will see that in a short time you will be able to learn to use this tool.

How to convert an image into a drawing?

image converted to drawing with gimp box to edit and color palette at the bottom left

Applying this effect on your photos will not cost you much, in fact, it is so simple in a few minutes you can open it. You just have to carefully follow the steps that we have prepared for you and of course having downloaded and installed the program on your pc.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is look for the program and run them, once it is inside go to the top bar and press where it says “File”. You will see a list of options and you must look for the one that says “Open” to import the image you want to edit.

Once you have it in the program, go to the same bar above, but this time you must click on the option that says “Colors”. Then go to the option “Desaturate” and then check the box “Brightness” so that the image stands out more contrast.

Step 2

Now go back to the top bar and go to the option “Filters” then “Artistic” and finally “photocopy” where you must play with the values ​​until you get the one you want. Now add a new layer and in the capable options select “transparency” and add one of the patterns that will appear below the layers menu.

If you do not get it, go to the top bar and open the option “Windows” then in “Embeddable dialogs “ and finally “Patterns”. There you will see all the patterns you have so choose one and drag it to the image you are editing.

Step 3

Finally go back to layers and then change the mode to overlap and then go to the colors option that you used before and select “Curves”. Once there, edit the values ​​of the pattern to your liking to highlight it and integrate it correctly in the image.

And voila, finally you can choose to add a filter to give it a more artistic touch if you wish in the “filters” option in the “Artistic” section where it says “Apply canvas”.

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