How to Pass or Transfer a Minecraft World or Map from One Device to Another

The Minecraft video game is known worldwide for its versatility when it comes to build worlds openly and personalized. Many players have managed to complete their worlds in a professional way and even create shared worlds; so much so that they will not want to erase or lose the level reached.

If you are a Minecraft user and want to preserve the worlds created on your tablet, computer or mobile, we are here to help you. There are doubts as to whether this change can be made in Android devices specifically, but they can be done without any inconvenience.

Next, we explain how to do to transfer or transfer a Minecraft world or map from one device to another without losing your creations.

Important reminders when moving Minecraft worlds or maps from one device to another

To pass the worlds or maps on an Android device is not difficult, you just have to carefully follow the steps to be explained. The details of these steps are important, when done correctly no map or created world will be lost, and you will be able to enjoy your favorite game.

Transfer world or map from Minecraft

The advice of an expert in this game is always recommended, or also by following the steps given you will be able to execute it.

On the other hand, keep in mind that if you will use an Android device it must be with the latest version in Spanish of the app. Also make sure you have enough space in the internal or external memory, to prevent sticking or slowing down the team system.

Steps to transfer a Minecraft world or map from one device to another

Here are the steps you need to take to pass the worlds or maps of your device in a practical and simple way.

  • First you must connect your device through a USB cable either from the computer to the mobile or vice versa, it also applies to the tablet.
  • After connecting the PC to the device you want to use with the game, an image will appear that says . (This applies if the container folder transfer is the opposite).
  • Press the option “Activate USB storage” and accept the warning that will appear on the PC, Tablet or mobile.
  • Synchronize devices.
  • From the device you are using to transfer the game, find the “File Explorer” on your computer.
  • There may be two variants in this step that we will explain below:
  • In case the transfer is from your computer to tablet or mobile, go to “Local disk” and there you will find the folder containing the game.
  • If the case is a mobile or tablet, look in removable memory or Micro SD for the game folder.
  • Once you enter, several folders will appear, you just have to select the one that says Games, inside there will be a folder called “com.mojang”. After opening it, 2 more folders will appear, and you must choose the one that says “Minecraft Worlds” there will be the worlds that you created.
  • Copy the worlds that are there, and paste them to the new device either in the PC, Tablet or mobile.
  • Go to the device folder, paste the containing folder into your new mobile file, PC or tablet.
  • The worlds saved on the new computer will be ready and configured to play again, including the changes made on the previous device. Note that you can also download Minecraft worlds and maps so you never get bored of the game.

Minecraft map transferred to your mobile

As you could see, transferring Minecraft maps or worlds from one device to another is not difficult as it seems. It is important that when carrying out these steps you do it slowly, in order to avoid accidentally erasing the document.

Clever! You can now resume and enjoy your favorite game on your new device and be happy with the successful transfer of the game. And don’t forget that to make the experience even better there are ways to optimize performance in Minecraft that you can’t stop trying.

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