How to Password a Video From My Windows PC Easily (Example)

Safety is important for everything and everyone, that is why it is always necessary to take all necessary precautions to keep you out of danger at all times or at least avoid both inconveniences and uncomfortable situations.

All these types of measures are important in equipment where you store personal information and that you would not like anyone to have access to it. Such is the case with computers and mobile devices.

Fortunately, many of these computers have tools to establish the appropriate security measures to protect your files and therefore your information.

Password protection

The composition of your password will determine the degree of security on your computer, uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols. The longer your password, the more protected your computer and your information will be.

What can you protect?

At first, you can add a password to your computer in an easy and completely simple way to log in with your username on the computer as follows:

Password protection

  • Click on the Windows menu button.
  • Click on the profile photo that you have added to your user.
  • Select the option “Change account settings.”
  • Enter the section “Password”.
  • Click on “Add.”
  • Add the password you want.

Document protection

Now, if the computer you use is actually shared in your home or office, so, set a password for your personal use it may be unfeasible. But do not worry! You can password-encrypt your most important folders and documents in an extremely simple way.

  • For documents produced by Microsoft Office programs, you must click on the “File” tab.
  • Click on the “Protect file” button.
  • Choose “Encrypt with password.”
  • Enter the password.
  • Clever!

Folders with passwords

The case of folders, at least in Windows, is a much more complicated subject, since a native way of doing it has not been established. However, you can count on the functions of programs that will help you protect the folders and videos you want.

  • Lock-A-Folder: This is a very easy to use free tool to protect folders from a master password. Its functions are basic, so if you are looking for something light, this program is perfect. Download Lock-A-Folder.
  • Folder Protector: This is another option just as simple, but with a more advanced arsenal of options. Folder Protector has a free version, although its Premium version in which you will have the possibility to establish encryption of up to 256 bits.
  • Folder Lock Lite: Modern interface and advanced tools, that’s all you need, Folder Lock Lite to be among the best programs for protect your folders. The detail? It is possible to enjoy it for free only for 30 days, then you must purchase its paid version. However, it is an option to consider.

Is it possible to protect a video?

protect a video

As in the case of folders, Windows does not have native tools that allow the encryption of videos and, to tell the truth, the vast majority of players, whether Windows or developed by third parties, do not have the necessary functions either. for the protection of these types of files.

A light at the end of the tunnel!

However, there is an ideal solution for this type of case and it is called GreenForce Player. It is one of the few (if not the only) video players that has the necessary tools to encrypt audiovisual content files. Doing it is very easy!

  • Play a video with GreenForce Player.
  • Click on “DRM.”
  • Select option “Video Protect”.
  • In the “Password” section, you will add and verify your password.
  • In the “Tip” section, you can set a hint or hint, in case you find it difficult to remember the password.
  • Click on “Save.”
  • Clever!

Your videos protected with GreenForce Player

In this way, that particular file that only you want to have access to, you will already be protected thanks to this amazing program that you should start using right away. Download GreenForce Player and keep all your videos safe!

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