How to Password Protect a WordPress Page, Post or Website

How to Password Protect a WordPress Page Post or Website

When creating or making a web page with WordPress, we come across the idea, or often prudence, of adding a mechanism that restricts the access to certain parts of the web portal, to safeguard the owner’s data. And it is not for less, many users make their registration in connection with social networks or platforms of a personal nature.

It is not surprising for anyone, that it is intended to protect generating a restriction of access or entry to a website that is created or designed. So we will teach you, how to password protect a WordPress page, post, or website.

Why is it necessary to password protect our WordPress

Safeguarding our information will not be superfluous. It is an unwavering action that we must execute without fear of doubt, it is the most precious thing we have, that is, our integrity. And she is not vulnerable only in the corporeal, the digital field will be in the same condition, a space where violations can occur to integrity.

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It is true that we must try in the same vein, protect our integrity, and that of our space or website, after all it is an extension of our interests embodied in a web construction.

For this we must both optimize WordPress, and use its interface to ensure a safeguarding of our information, in the medium that occurs. Employing a password, for page, entry or website of WordPress.

The digital medium is plagued by every corner of leaks and security breaches that malicious media can use toto have access to the owners’ private material. Or to importunate the correct development of the dynamics that takes place in a digital portal. With not always clear intentions.

There are very strong guards that are made for these cases. But let’s go to opt for the one password method, because it is consequently effective, coupled with the fact that it does not require great process and application. What makes it a practical and ideal mechanism for our purposes.

Is WordPress an ideal medium to create secure content?

If you are in the process of creating a virtual medium, or if you are in the diatribe of installing WordPress, the issue of security is always in doubt. It goes without saying that there is nothing one hundred percent insurmountable, but there are very good methods that help in this security issue.

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Those that leave us with an air of relief and respite when thinking about our information provided on the web. Since she can be the bastion of struggles where we can give battles later. In consonance, WordPress provides highly effective tools For these purposes, such is the case of restrictions or access codes.

Those that can be configured or programmed from the genesis of the portal, that is, from its very beginning or birth, for such purposes, let’s see how password protect a page, post, or website of WordPress.

Password protect a WordPress page, post, or website.

To remedy our anguish, WordPress will offer us protection, which consists of the limiting access or viewing that a visitor or general Internet user may have on an element that is chosen. Which therefore focuses in most cases, on the protection of the information of the owner or developer.

Said protection consists of a direct relationship between knowledge and access, where the platform will detain anyone who wishes to observe protected material or information. In this way, access will only be possible, for those who have knowledge of the characters supplied at the beginning as a password. This is accomplished as follows:

  1. Within the section denoted as “publish” we will focus on the security functions and mechanisms offered by WordPress.
  2. Within this space, there is a topic designated as “visibility”. That to its extreme right gives the ability to edit.
  3. To the access the edition, we are going to select the “password protected” option.
  4. Where a box will appear requesting the characters that will act as access code or password.

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