How to pause downloads on Playstation 4?

I already have a PS4 and as I use it I will discover more and more about this new Sony device. The truth is that I have always been faithful to Playstation and I see in PS4 the perfect weapon to play.

Now, what happened to the extra features of PS4? There are many multimedia features that PS3 did have that have been removed on PS4. Apparently we are going to recover a few with the passage of time through updates (playing multimedia files, connecting hard drives, etc.) but there are certain things that we hope will also come soon.

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How do you pause downloads on PS4? Don’t expect that in Update 1.52 (update that today we must download once the console is connected) all these changes come from the console.

There is no way at the moment to pause the downloads on PS4 while we have the console on, it does not matter if we are playing or doing whatever, the PS4 will continue to download everything that we have started in the download section. At the moment the only way to pausing a download is deleting it (which we should not do because we lose the progress that we have already downloaded) or turning off the console instead of going into standby mode. If there is a way to pause the downloads by disconnecting the console from the Internet, but we will not have access to the network from it.

It is a pity that Sony has not thought of all those people who have a slow connection (like me at this point in my life) so that they can pause their download and enjoy multiplayer properly, even so, I must say that the network management of PS4 has surprised me and despite the fact that I was playing the Killzone multiplayer Shadow Fall while downloading this was not bad at all (with a 2MB connection this is an OLE!).

UPGRADE: We have discovered the way to pause downloads, we show it to you in the video. It’s very easy and you don’t have to have any kind of weird knowledge or do anything weird that will damage your console.


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