How to Permanently Assign a Drive Letter to a USB Drive

USB drives are very useful devices that allow you to seamlessly store and transport digital information anywhere. Having a USB is a great advantage, since if it would be very difficult to be able to remove your files from the pc and transfer them to another, so keeping these drives in good condition is crucial.

One of the things that many computer lovers do to differentiate their drives from others is to edit the letter assigned to the USB as it is a great way to customize it. However, not everyone knows how to use this feature.

So we invite you to read the article to the end so that you can learn how to permanently change or assign a drive letter to your USBHowever, although in some cases your computer may fail and stop recognizing the USB memory, in these cases it will be convenient for you to learn how to solve the problem when your PC does not recognize a USB pendrive

What are drive letters?

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USB drives are a very versatile element in computing, with them you can start or log into Windows and in this way save yourself a lot of inconvenience.

Each drive has a letter. The drive letters of your PC are in summary form the result of an alphabetical assignment process within computing to visually identify a volume or logical drive within the PC.

blue windows window

For example, in the Windows operating system this letter is assigned to each partition you have on a hard disk, the disk drive and the USB drives that you insert into the machine. It should be noted that you can also install programs on a USB memory and save hard disk space.

The letter assignment process is done automatically, but that does not mean that a different letter can not be assigned to our USB and in fact, it is very simple, we will guide you through the process.

How to assign a letter to your USB drive?

screen showing codes to assign letter to usb drive

Follow the steps that we show you below and you will see that a two by three you can assign a letter to your USB drive without problems.

Step 1

The first thing you should do is go to the start menu or look for the search magnifier on your pc and type Create and format hard drive partitions. You must select the first option that comes out and once inside you will find a list with the logical units that are available on your pc.

Step 2

Make sure you have the USB connected to your pc so that it appears in the list, once you have identified it, the next thing you should do is right-click and give the option Change drive letter or path and look for where the current drive letter of the USB drive.

Once you have located in that option, you must give it change so that you can assign it a new letter and make sure that the option Assign the drive letter next is marked.

And voila, all that remains is for you to accept so that the changes are saved and your USB has the letter you have chosen for him, wasn’t it difficult at all? We hope you have not had any problems with the steps in the guide that we have provided.

USB memories are not only at the point of storing useful information for later use on your PC, but you can also connect a USB memory to a cell phone to transfer files from or to it. For this reason, if you have already read these steps, it is time to start modifying the letter of your drives that you connect to your PC according to your convenience.

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