How to Photograph the Sky, the Stars and the Milky Way with an Android Mobile or iPhone so that it looks good

For humans, communication is the most important process of all. That is why humans today have hundreds of methods by which they can communicate to other humans about their state of mind, what ideas they have and how they can help improve their community.

This is very important, because it means that each human has a series of things that he can communicate, a series of ideas that can help others to perform an action better, or feelings and expressions can also be communicated.

This is accomplished through artistic expression, which is one of the most beautiful qualities that human beings exhibit. This is because as we are emotional beings, that is, they create psychological connections with other individuals, and as this generates a need for sentimental communication.

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Thanks to the human has so many ways of expressing himself, Art was created. Art is a method of expression that humans have, which is of utmost importance for the healthy development of a community. Each region has its own art, which represents the customs of the place where it comes from.

night sky

How can I express my art

This is very important, and it is something that each person has to learn how to do on their own, because the art is unique and unrepeatable, since any similarity or copy that comes out of the original is a Plagiarism. If you are in an open place, and that has the facilities for you to undertake an art project, we recommend it 100%. One of the first things you can learn is how to make photos a work of art with the GoArt App.

One of the main ways to express yourself it’s through music, because this can always bring the most beautiful feelings to the surface. However, the users of Smartphone devices have always been directed towards photography and therefore always look for ways to take photos like the professionals.

How to take better photos with my phone

This is very important, because as humans have evolved the use of cell phones, the quality of these has also improved, so today a low-end phone has the equivalent in components to a high-end smartphone of yesteryear.

Phones too they make great use of the Auxiliary Applications. These are all those that are unrelated to the Camera application, but that nevertheless perform some effect that seeks to highlight the quality of the image. Another way to take captures are 360 ​​degree photos, which are photos that allow the 360 ​​degrees of visual field that certain cameras have to be captured in photographic memory.

friends taking photos at night

How can we photograph the sky, the stars and the milky way with a mobile?

Well, first of all, you have to remember that the photographs of outer space they are always taken by special teams, which cost thousands and thousands of euros because they have state-of-the-art technology which facilitates the capture of shots as difficult as those of the milky way and the night sky.

However, with a few tricks, you can take the most incredible photos of the night sky Very easily. To do this, you will require a Tripod as the main tool.

This is because the night sky catches are made in a special way, called long exposure mode, in which the lens is held open longer to capture as much visual information as it can. For this to be effective, the phone must be still without moving on site. This special mode is activated in your phone’s camera options, and sometimes it can come out as «Night Mode»

Once you get the site and have your tripod located, you must activate the mode and let the photograph be taken for at least 30 seconds, and you will need to set the ISO between 400 and 800. With this, you will be able to take incredible shots of the night sky using only your cell phone.

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