How to Pin USB to Taskbar in Windows – Quick and Easy

One of the most convenient functions of Windows lies in the taskbar as it allows quick access to any location without so many processes. So it would be very practical learn how to pin a USB to the taskbar in Windows and always have it at hand. This would allow you to install programs on a USB stick and save hard disk space.

The taskbar is one of the most basic widgets that all teams must have to be of great use. We can see it on our computer regardless of whether it has an Apple or Microsoft OS, since it is for primary uses.

It consists of a strategic space in which we can easily place our most used programs and the folders that we access the most. And in addition, we can also access the «Start» section, from which we can start several of our most used applications.

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You might think that to anchor a USB to the taskbar it would be enough to drag the icon, as is usually done with other elements. However, this action is not indicated, as Windows does not admit such procedure, unlike what happens when it comes to some program.

It sounds quite illogical that it might be possible to affiliate a USB drive shortcut that is actually portable, but we can.

You can also copy a program from one Windows computer to another via USB in just a few steps. And as for pinning a USB drive to the taskbar, although it is not as simple as pinning a program, it is possible, as long as we apply the following steps.

How to pin a USB to the taskbar in Windows

Anchoring a USB memory to the Windows taskbar is easy and fast, by executing a few very simple steps you will be able to achieve it:

usb memory in laptop

You should start by creating a text file archive and placing it anywhere you find convenient on your computer. Now, you will place the mouse over the text file file that you created and you will have to change its type to «.exe», so that it can be executed.

By acquiring this format the file, which you have probably seen many times before, you can run it as if it were an application.

To continue, you must right-click on the text file to open a whole range of options that are used to modify it. After this, you will see an option whose name is «Properties», we will click on it and another wide range of options will open regarding the properties of the file.

When we have already opened its properties, among the eligible tabs we will see a call «Direct access» in which we will modify the direct access of the file. Now, let’s proceed to connect our portable bus unit to our computer, open «Team» and see your first name with which you were registered.

After having seen your first name, we are going to enter it in the blank field that we will find in the section «Direct access«of the file properties. If we have already completed this step, we can only save the changes made and move the file to the taskbar to save it as a direct access to the USB. Of course you can also delete partitions from a USB memory in Windows 10 in a few steps.

Does the shortcut always work?

Although it is an effective method and without margin of error when the portable bus unit, it does not work if USB is not connected to the PC. This is because the drive to which the shortcut will be linked is clear, but we cannot go to a destination that does not actually exist.

usb memory

Inside our PC, if the destination of the file is not found, it is most likely that the file will throw us an error. If we want to avoid receiving this notification, let’s make sure to connect our USB before clicking the file to open it.

Without a doubt, linking a shortcut to a USB drive is possible, and while it is not easy, it is quite useful for speed up search our USB. And remember, if you have inserted the USB drive on other computers, try to eliminate direct access viruses on PCs and USB sticks, to keep your equipment protected.

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