How to Place or Post Ads on Craigslist for Free Without an Account

Today there is a great variety of pages that allow you to advertise publications and products for free, allowing you to have a common market. For example, Pinterest works as a social network, which allows you to publish articles, there is also the multinational Amazon, but there are many that are classified. And that is what we come to today, here we will talk about how to publish products on Craigslist, we will also talk about what it is and how it works.

What is Craigslist?

Craigslist is an online business that is responsible for offering ads that stand out in a classified way on the web. His posts include very popular pet, personal, job, household, auto and other advertisements.

This website is composed by groups that are dispersed in many cities and countries of the world, and it is a non-profit network. An interesting aspect of this internet ad network is that its income is generated by ads specifically posted by job postings. Now we explain how this internet ad network works, so that you have a knowledge of how to publish for free on Craigslist.

How does Craigslist work?

Craigslist’s main function is to form a great classifieds forum on the web, allowing access to group discussions, job offers, among others. This page offers a great list of sections offering articles, offers and concerts that are of interest worldwide. Among the sections offered by this ad company are those that we will describe below, these would be the key functions of this website.

community and craigslist services

  1. Community: This section only works for classes, policy debates, local news, lost and found articles. It also has a section called “Ranst & Raves” where posters appear where feelings and thoughts are expressed that are shared all over the world.
  2. Services: In this section you can find services that have to do with car repairs, to design web pages and other publications that you require for free.
  3. Careers: This is an important aspect, since if you are looking for a job this section can help you to get it from being a public accountant, buying and selling, teacher, real estate and a great variety at your disposal.
  4. Households: If you are looking for a home, this section offers you advertisements for the sale of homes that are in the local area or if you want to sell a real estate property, you can also make the announcement.
  5. Trade or Sale: This section has the function of buying and selling second-hand products such as the Wallapop network. In addition, you will be able to find the tool or the product that you need. Of course you should always be careful, so work under security measures.
  6. Discussion conference: This section allows you to debates on various topics They converge on religious, political, technology and other topics of public interest.

How to post ads on Craigslist?

Now we explain how you should publish ads for free on Craigslist in a simple and practical way so that you meet your goal.

  1. Enter the official website. If it is the first time you enter this page you must put the city where you live.
  2. Click on the “Post to Classifieds” section.
  3. Press clicking on the option that says “Type of publication you want to make”.
  4. Later I clicked on “Continue”, for example on “For sale”.
  5. Click on the “Category” option, for example the “Antiques” mode.buying and selling on craigslist
  6. Fill in the form where specify the details of the adThis will depend on the type of publication that you will make, but in general you must put a title and a description.
  7. Enter your email twice in the “Email address” section, this is done to confirm that there is no error. Then press “Continue”.
  8. Check the ad you want to publish if you need any details, and then click “Continue”.
  9. Enter the image code in the text box and then click “Continue”.
  10. Login to your email account and open the message sent from Craigslist, and press the link that was sent to you, to publish your ad.

By following the ten steps above you will be able to post your ads for free on Craigslist, so we hope this educational and intuitive post will help you.

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