How to Place or Put a Video or GIF as a Profile Image on Tinder Very Easy!

Make friends and flirtThey are options that are only obtained under the precept of a good presentation, appearance is not everything, but it can be a connector with the other person.

That is why it is always sought to place the best image for the profile of everything that represents us. And the world of dating apps will not be the exception to the rule.

But in turn, we run with the added stress of what photo to put on our Tinder profile, since it is true that on several occasions, some poses and angles do not favor us when we get a match.

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So we bring you the solution to this disenchantment, forget the photographs and opt for a video or GIF as profile picture on Tinder. It is by no means much easier than you might imagine. Continue reading this article to know all the details of the process that you must follow.

Do you need to make a good impression on Tinder?

We all have the need to interact, to know, to speak with someone at some point in life in order to look for something more than entertainment, be it friendship or connection more deeply penetrated from the emotional or the physical.

girl lying down takes selfie

So Tinder is used, which is without a doubt one of the most prominent applications for meet people and flirt on the internet.

There will be those who do not want to register, because they do not have or do not want their phone number to be known to third parties, but we can register on Tinder without giving the phone number. Thus, we put aside that anguish, to move on to the one that urges us, that of put a video or GIF as a profile picture on Tinder with a view to solving the need to make a good impression

This will be essential, from two aspects, the first, due to the indeclinable work of planting, leaving our best presence, let us remember that an image is worth a thousand words, then imagine what a video or GIF can be worth.

And the second aspect is to reach out to those who decided to permanently eliminate Tinder, to see lost all your hopes.

Using a video or GIF will relieve us of the regrets of choosing a photograph among the dozens that we can take, in the long way of choosing the ideal one. We all know it can be overwhelming, so a video or GIF as a profile picture It will give us great advantages when making a good impression. In addition to some aesthetic advantages marked as advantages.

Aesthetic advantages of videos or GIFs as a profile picture on Tinder

The angles, the poses, the smiles and the feeling of naturalness are components that every photograph must have to be aesthetically positive. But all this can be left aside, for the option of being practical and on the way, having better results.

swipe on tinder

Faking a smile, or even worse, having to pretend naturalness to be photographed, involves a whole process of analysis of lights, shadows, angles, poses and the like, there are those who have all this as a trend or almost innate style. But the vast majority do not have it or have not been able to develop it. Videos or GIFs are the remedy.

They take everything you drink to own or develop for good aesthetics, and they conglomerate it in the form of video, that is to say, of a great sequence of images at high speed if we want to see it that way.

No need to worry about fake naturals or artificial smiles, videos or GIFs will show it all as it is, in the palpable sample of the beautiful reality that we live and wear.

How to put or put a video or GIF as a profile picture on Tinder?

If you are reviewing your profile on Tinder and you decide that the best thing is indeed to place a video or GIF, but you realize that this possibility is not available to the naked eye, it is for an elementary reason. You must update the application to its latest version. Once updated just do these easy ones Steps to put a video or GIF as a profile picture:

  1. Make the video or GIF
  2. Go to your profile on Tinder
  3. A camera will appear in the center, enter it
  4. Select the item in question
  5. Add and save changes

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