How to Play the Bats Card in Clash Royale to Get the Most Out of It

Videogames are a medium that has brought countless hours of fun to millions of people around the world, for young and old alike. This fun can come in a number of ways, be it in the form of Arcade-style dance games, action-packed in the form of a FPS or stylized in such a way that the art within it can be enjoyed much better.

Even with this fun, video games also come with various beneficial effects for their players, as a good game can stimulate good taste, an appreciation for art and music, quick reflexes, and much more. In fact, it has reached an extreme where there is video game like the Wii Fit Trainer where you are rewarded with good form.

However, one of the mental aspects that most stimulate video games is the strategy, as there are tons of games that want their players to focus on strategy through the small details.

Going beyond chess, there are many video games where players face each other, looking for the best move to be able to finish victorious.

A perfect example of this is Clash Royale, a game developed by Supercell for Android and iOS mobile devices where the objective is to use cards strategically and with their summons to be able to destroy the enemy towers.

To be able to play a game like this properly it takes practice, patience, good strategy and various tricks to improve within the game, so it can be a good game for those who are passionate about the subject.

Today, we will tell you about one of the most flexible and interesting cards that you have Clash royale, the bats, so that you can have an extra strategy when you assemble and use the best decks and want to climb the sand quickly.

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What are bats?

Clash Royale is a game full of different strategies and types of decks that have different ways of working in a game. The idea of ​​each deck is to be able to have one victory condition, which is a card that lets you easily destroy towers, such as the Prince, the Globe, the PEKKA or the miner.

Which cards you use as your victory condition will depend on which cards you have at the highest level and which cards you have available to make a specific deck. Some mallets they require legendary cards that are not usually easy to find, so you have to think a little “outside the box” to be comfortable with a deck.

The key behind weaponizing a deck is to use support cards for the victory condition, as Bats happen to be, a common card that costs 2 elixir, is unlocked in Arena 5 and is known for its five bats that have low health and damage, but together they can be a good tool.

clash royale bat

How to use bats properly?

To be able to be a professional in Clash royale you have to know when to play each card properly, because each card is used for a specific scenario.

In the case of Bats, These can be used in a great variety of moments that deserve them, since with a low cost, the fact that they fly and that there are five, they can be adapted to many situations.

Bats are an excellent counterplay against land cards that cannot attack air targets, as well as air targets that need to be destroyed quickly.

They work very well against cards like Graveyard, Valkyrie, Knight, and if used properly with a distraction they can quickly destroy other troops.

However, it should be taken into account that bats They have very little life, and although they can be an excellent alternative for the minions in such a way that they have a slightly cheaper alternative of defense or air attack; they can be very fragile, and can die with a single Zap.

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