How to play WOW CORE, Play WOW for Free

For lovers of good online role-playing games who do not have much money, you prefer not to pay to play World of Warcraft, or simply what you want is to try WOW a little more than the trial version of World of Warcraft that is a bit limited; WOW core is a private server where you can register and play the latest version of the game. You have the Wrath of the lich king expansion, the last one for now, although we all know that there will be another one soon. And the call of the crusade patch. Since WoW Core is no more, your best bet is to give WoW Aura a try.

wow core

Actually in Wow Core there are more than 100,000 registered accounts. A large community to be a private server and has some great developers. Playing WoW core is very easy.

WOW CORE NO LONGER EXISTS, but below I leave you a great alternative

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Update it to the latest version of WOW and choose your server well, I recommend that you try the last server that has less downtime. WoW core does not have many crashes but if it does have any, do not despairRemember that the work they do in wow core is that of normal people, who do it without obtaining any benefit. Those people have a life of their own and they can’t really pay attention to wow core all day, either.

From the private servers I have tried wow core for me it is the best and most extensive. His texts are completely in Spanish, the guys from wow core work hard because they do events in their community and offer us things that other private servers do not give us.

  • I recommend that remove the P2P traffic if the download is slow, because it will run much more. Is available for PC and for MAC.
  • At the end of the download we download the WOW CORE PITCHER (not available).
  • Cwe changed the realmist to play wow core and not the official World of Warcraft server.
  • When launching wow core we enter the data with which we create the account above and you’re done.
  • Enjoy Wow core.

If you need help, I also play wow core, you can contact me but remember that in the middle of 2020 the project has been canceled and it no longer works. If you are looking for a private and updated wow server, WoW Aura test that is going really well.


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