How to Post an Ad on Wallapop and Upload Photos? – Improve your Visibility in Wallapop (Example)

Profiles are the key held by any user within a certain platform, regardless of what their role is for. Therefore, they must be modified and stylized to improve their visibility, offering better content. An example of this is place an ad on Wallapop to promote or publicize a product specifically within the application.

Ads are important tools that guide other users or consumers to a specific purpose. Wallapop, allows the creation of them as soon as you achieve create account or register in their domains.

This is what you must do before to place an ad on Wallapop!

To get the most out of it and deepen your understanding of Wallapop’s features, ads are an important feature. Creating them is not something from another world, you just have to count, first, preferably with the downloaded application.

You should not worry if your favorite operating system is Android or, failing that, the IOS versions of Apple. Why? Wallapop is available for both worlds without deferring as to its factory characteristics.

On the other hand, if you haven’t created an account yet, The main thing then is to register in Wallapop after downloading the application. To do this, the process does not take too long and the platform intuitively guides you along the way.

Provide the accurate and necessary information to complete the registration form, or in contrast, you can log in with Facebook or Google.

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Once inside the application, you can proceed to place an ad on Wallapop thanks to the tools or options offered for it.

Now, start creating your ad for Wallopop

As an initial step, locate the application’s drop-down menu on the left side and among all the available options, press “Upload product.”

Then, the platform will show you a window with an empty line to indicate with a single word, the product you are selling. For example, If you sell clothes or garments, embody the word “Pants” and so on with each item to be promoted.

The platform will offer some suggestions to add an extra and brief description to it. Now, once this triviality is finished, a new window will appear with several options to fulfill in order to achieve an expected result.

Select the camera-shaped icons to upload photos and shape the event. place an ad on Wallapop. Choose the one indicated and more specific in relation to the product offered and load it immediately.

Next, to your surprise, the application will now ask you to correct or modify the title that you initially designated for your premise. In this opportunity, you should be as descriptive as possible, adding the precise details of the product for sale.

Don’t worry about not having enough space, since once you finish, now you will be redirected to the section “Tell us more”. There, he takes the opportunity to continue writing about other types of characteristics associated with the product. In this way, selling on Wallapop will become even easier, thanks to the fact that the user will have an exact vision of what they are going to buy.

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Finish the process of placing an ad on Wallapop by determining the price and currency to be agreed for the profit. In addition, select in the “Extras” what you are willing to do for the sale between shipments, exchanges or non-negotiable prices.

Share your product announcement on your social networks!

Once you press the option “Upload a product” at the end of everything, the application will allow you to share the ad on social media. Choose the best social network or medium to spread your product and voila, in a matter of time you will start receiving the first offers.

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