How to Post and Reply to TikTok Comments with Videos

TikTok in the first instance is synonymous with fun, and this name suits him very well. Well, the application is here to stay and although it was one of the most recent to appear on the market, it has been in charge of revolutionizing social networks, it is for this reason that in this article we will teach you how to post and reply to TikTok comments with videos.

This platform is used for short video creation ranging from challenge to choreography, it was originally launched in the Chinese market but thanks to its receptivity it was expanded around the world and in October 2020 this application had around 2 million downloads globally.

However this app has been blocked in several countries like Pakistan, Indonesia and Bangladesh as it is considered an exporter of ‘indecent’ content. TikTok is a fast growing application, it is even ranked as the third with the most active users in 2020.

Collaboration with other applications

In 2017 this company decided to make an investment of more than one billion dollars to make the purchase from which was an application that consisted of creating short videos with lip sync, which allowed the dubbing of audios and songs located in the archive. This was aimed at the younger population between the ages of 12 and 18.

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But it was in 2018 when they decided to further expand their market by taking this application to more than 75 languagesAfter the purchase of, TikTok begins its path to the top, as in less than 6 months it became one of the most downloaded applications in the United States.

How to post and reply to comments with videos?

In this function the users will not respond in a normal way but with videos, which is relatively new and is that it allows greater interaction with the followers.To start you must update the application but simply go to the Play Store everything depends on the operating system of your mobile, press the TikTok icon and select update.

You press the comment you want to reply to and hold camera icon which is pink in color, the selected comment at the top will immediately appear on your mobile screen, press record and in this way you will be responding and innovating your followers.

Comment you can move it up, down or to the sides Depending on your preference, it also allows you to answer them separately or together. What facilitates the work of influencers when clarifying doubts. You can also download your favorite videos and have them archived on your mobile.

Trends on Tiktok

In the last year there have been trends in this application ranging from memes to audio synchronization. Duets have also become viral content as it is a function that allows adding a video to an existing one, that is, making the simulation that a pair is being made totally live.

And it is that here we not only appreciate choreography but also kitchen RecipesOne of those that has gone quite viral in the last month is the coffee shake that has caused even world-class artists such as Jason Derulo and Kylie Jenner to want to try it.

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This has also allowed many artists and companies make their brand known not only for fun but for financial remuneration, which in one way or another has generated a great deal of profit for them.

Pro Account

And is that this app has an option that allows you to view in detail the statistics about your followers. This facilitates the study of the public and market you want to reach, whether they are young people, adults, women or men, in order to perfect and direct your content towards a specific type of user and thus get real followers.

For this you must go to the configuration option, select manage account and choose ‘Switch to Pro account‘And this is how you can plan your content when it comes to posting to them and giving your audience fun.

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