How to Prevent an Email from Being Marked and Going to the Inbox as Spam in Gmail

Many times we have the disadvantage that in Gmail we cannot find an important email because it is classified as Spam. Commonly we want spam to decrease, blocking contacts and emails, but sometimes important items that we urgently need fall there.

When we sign up for something online, they send us a confirmation email and warns that it may be in Spam. This happens often, but can be avoided by permanently removing the spam classification of these important emails.

Here you can find out what all the steps are for this, which they are very simple within the Gmail service.

Steps to unmark emails from spam category

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For Gmail services there are a series of characteristics that consider an email as a suspicious item. This is important to safeguard the security of users and the data they contain in their email accounts.

However, there are times when the system makes mistakes and places important emails for us in this Spam section. The first thing to do to remove an email from this section is enter our account of e-mail.

On the menu list, we must select the option Spam, and open the important email that we are going to unmark. In the 3-point option, a list of options will appear and we must indicate the It is not spam.

Thus the system Gmail will already know that this email it is not spam and will send it to the Received. Also the next emails you receive from this address, it is likely that they can be placed directly in the inbox.

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Another way to prevent emails from one address from entering Spam, you just have to add to contacts. From an Android device they are added in the Contacts option, and from a computer in Google Contacts.

This is the way to add a person, but you can also import contacts from another Gmail account. In Google Contacts, select Export, choose the destination account format and then confirm the export.

This will download a file in Excel with the contacts, which should only be imported into the destination account. This way, all the contacts will be transferred from one account to another without necessarily having to do it one by one.

Another way to configure spam It is with the labels that generate post filters and classify them as we want.

Importance of anti-spam security within Gmail

The emails that the Gmail system places in Spam are usually very insecure and with malicious files or links. Through these, the person can lose their personal information or download viruses that affect the computer where they work.

That is why it is necessary to carefully read each email we receive in this folder and only register on completely secure platforms. This is to protect our personal information and that of those close to us from possible hackers and thieves of this type.

Sometimes we receive emails from secure platforms, but we are not interested, so we must permanently cancel the subscription. This reduces the amount of junk mail that we can receive on a daily basis and freeing up space in our account, generating order.

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Having the full account set up also works according to the preferences we have within the Gmail system and on Google. Remember that this is not only in the browser, but also in all IOS and Android devices.

Security in our emails is very important, even more so with a constantly changing society and web access.

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