How to Prevent Avast from Blocking a Website for Me – Quick and Easy

When we want protect our computer of malicious software, we resort to the use of so-called antivirus and there is a great variety of it on the market. But there is one that offers you the most complete virus protection service and it’s called Avast. And it has a function that allows blocking some sites on the network. This is why we will teach you how to prevent Avast from blocking a web page for me.

Believe it or not, it is a very useful function, since you or anyone who uses the computer at home can enter a site that the application thinks may contain a virus.

Sometimes this function that blocks websites it is activated accidentally and does not allow you to enter a web page that you want to see.

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But we can tell you that this apparent problem has a very simple solution and then we are going to show it to you. But it is possible that this situation will make you want to remove Avast from your computer, so we will try to give you viable solutions and do not make this drastic decision.

How to prevent Avast from blocking a web page for me

When it happens that an antivirus like Avast blocks a Web page it is because he considers it a spaw or a potential threat. This is normal if when this function is activated, it does so with some web pages. But if you block all the pages, this fact should not be considered normal, but when doing it in some of them, we will tell you what you must do to deactivate the function.

bypass avast crash

Have an antivirus activated such as Avast guarantees that you can enter those web pages that offer you safe browsing. But, as we have already mentioned, some inconveniences arise that do not allow us to navigate smoothly or viruses cannot be eliminated. So we will show you the steps you are going to follow and unlock this function without any problem.

Steps to prevent Avast from blocking a web page for me

The first thing we are going to do is go to the system tray and we are going to locate the Avast program and click on the icon that represents it. The next steps is to click the option Open the interface of the Avast user. When the program is run, we will proceed to the next step, which will consist of going to the Additional Protection tab.

Once we locate this tab, which is on the left side of the window and we are going to click on it. Several options will be displayed and we will click on the Block site option, on the right side of the window a list will be displayed containing the web pages that the application is blocking for your safety.

The next step is to locate the website that you do not want Avast to continue blocking you, once you find it you select it and you must click on the Delete option.

In this way it will be removed from the list and will not block it again in future entries to this web page. The next step is to go to the Enable site blocking option.

Next to it you will find a check box which you must uncheck and in this way the blocking of the site by Avast antivirus will be disabled.

To finish you just have to exit the application’s user interface. The next thing you should do is check that the disabling of the function has been carried out successfully.

avast website

Then we do not direct the browser that we use on a regular basis in our computer and we wrote in the search engine the web page that was blocked by the antivirus.

And that’s it, we’ll see that we can access it without any problem, but first you may be interested in the article how to update Avast antivirus to its latest version. And in a very fast way you have learned how to prevent Avast from blocking a web page for me.

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