How to Prevent My Photos from Uploading to ICloud Automatically? (Example)

The cloud, one of the best systems created, which allows you to store what you want when you want. With this premise, no one would hesitate to use it, but the truth is that the cloud is not so secure. For this and to prevent privacy from being invaded, it is necessary to prevent my photos from being uploaded to iCloud automatically.

It is not that immediately the photos, videos or images that you save are going to be filtered, this might never really happen, but they say it is better to prevent to regret, and today you will learn the second.

Prevent my photos from uploading to iCloud automatically, easy and necessary

Since the scandal suffered by several stars with their photos leaked online, many people began to distrust this system. And is that if it happened to someone famous, anyone can be the victim of a hacker. This translates to iCloud lacking security.

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Even downloading, configuring, and using iCloud for Windows can’t save a person from this big problem for sure.

Now, the first thing to keep in mind is that iCloud does not store your photos in just one way, but you do it from different parts, therefore there are different steps to follow to prevent this from happening. The main one to prevent my photos from being uploaded to iCloud automatically as easy as configuring iCloud file storage on iPhone and iPad, and that this is first because it is completely effective is the following:

Open the option «Settings«On your mobile, you go to a section specifically called»iCloud«, push the button «Photos”, Here open two options that you will be able to disable (you must obviously), these are «My photos in streaming» and «ICloud Photo Library».

With this you are ready and your photos should not be automatically uploaded to the cloud, but keep in mind that this process must be done on all the devices that you have linked to iCloud.

select icloud on phone

Other forms just as useful and necessary

Preventing my photos from being uploaded to iCloud automatically is not complicated at all, but it is necessary to do it in several ways, because as you had read before iCloud has several ways to save your photos.

When making a backup or backup on your iPhone for iTunes or iCloud there is a risk, and that is that anyone who restores one of the copies created will have access to it. To avoid this and be better protected, you just have to not include the film in the backup, (keep in mind that by deactivating the option that does this, we will not be able to recover our photos, so you have to save them from time to time elsewhere. ).

To not include the reel you have to go to «Settings», we go to the section of «iCloud”And press the button «Storage», we will get an option called «Manage storage», we give it there and proceed to hit the button «do you copy”That appears, with this finally the option will appear «Photo library» we deactivate the latter.

And voila, with this process we must also take into account the same as the previous one, we must deactivate this option of all the devices that we have linked to iCloud.

Delete the content of the messages

In case you did not know, iPhones and other devices on the apple also save photos in the messaging application, so if someone restores a backup, they will have access to what is saved there.

icloud on screen

This process is much simpler than the previous one, you just have to delete all the information within the messaging itself, since it is the only place where this data is stored.

iTunes the reliable one

Finally and more than as an explanation as a Tip to prevent my photos from being uploaded to iCloud automatically, you can also use the iTunes. Since a perfect backup can be made in iTunes just like in its iCloud cousin, only the first one will not appear on the internet, preventing our photos and information from being leaked.

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