How to Prevent Touching the Mouse or Keyboard My Computer from Exiting Sleep Mode

In Windows we have many options, the suspension, the hibernation and the basic shutdown, in addition to the possibility of activating the hybrid suspension. Still, it is important that you know How to prevent my computer from waking up from sleep mode when touching the mouse or keyboard, in case you don’t use this function.

Windows sleep mode

Undoubtedly the option to suspend in Windows is useful to save energy. In fact, it is an option that is recommended in case you have your computer on for hours. This way when not in use, you can save on your electric service bill and protect its components.

In fact, sleep can be configured in many ways, it is even possible to change the sleep timeout in Windows. Undoubtedly, this is all very useful, but sometimes a simple movement of the mouse or keyboard can bring the pc to sleep.

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avoid mouse mouse activate pc

Certainly the function of activating the computer again with the keyboard or the mouse is very useful, but some prefer to deactivate it. Next, we will teach you how to perform this process for both the mouse and the keyboard. In the same way, remember that there is the possibility of creating shortcuts both to shut down, suspend and hibernate.

Prevent the mouse from waking the computer after sleep

it’s possible prevent the mouse from waking up the computer when it enters the sleep state. This is useful, since many times a small movement is able to activate the PC, which can lead to unintentional energy costs.

  • To carry out this process it will be necessary to enter the Windows control panel, something that you can do from any operating system.
  • Once you are in the Windows Control Panel, look for the mouse / mouse section and click on it.
  • Find the «Hardware» tab at the end, click on it. Now locate the «Properties» section at the bottom of the window.
  • At the bottom left you will see the option «Change settings», click on that option.
  • Finally, locate the section «Power management» and disable the option «Allow this device to wake up the computer». After making this change, click on «OK» and close the other previously opened windows.

manage power avoid active pc component

Carrying out the previous configuration the equipment cannot be activated by mouse. In other words, it doesn’t matter if you move or press a click, the computer won’t come out of sleep mode.

Prevent the computer keyboard from coming out of sleep mode

  • The process to deactivate activation through the keyboard is practically the same as that we follow with the mouse. To do this, open the control panel and locate the section «Keyboard». If you do not find the option, just type «Keyboard» in the search engine and proceed to press on the keyboard window.
  • The option «Hardware» will be displayed, click there. Now locate the option «Properties» and click on it.
  • At the bottom you will see the option «Change settings», you must click on it to continue.
  • Now, locate the power management tab and disable the option «Allow this device to wake up the computer». Click OK again and close all previously opened windows.

After doing all the previous configurations, it does not matter if you press any key on your keyboard, this will not make the computer wake up from sleep mode. At the same time, remember that, if you have problems when you close a laptop and go into hibernation mode, this is also perfectly configurable as well as the options shown in relation to the mouse and keyboard.

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