How to Prevent Web Browsers from Accessing My Location Without Permission? (Example)

Today privacy is not a game, many people worry on a daily basis, where their personal information goes and where it ends up. Browsers do not help, asking for our location or detecting it automatically. To solve this, we must learn to prevent web browsers from accessing my location without permission.

In fact, operating systems have implemented various security measures taking this question into consideration. How to configure Windows Hello to log into Windows 10 with fingerprint or use the Windows fingerprint reader driver.

And it is not crazy to want to hide your location, the reality is that this basic requirement that many websites ask for, can be a danger for the user. Because what happens without a hacker accessing this information? Or worse, as Facebook once showed us, What happens if it ends up in the hands of a company?

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For this, today you will learn the solution, since hiding your complete identity or something similar, it’s almost impossible these days.

Why do websites know where we are?

The first thing before knowing how prevent web browsers from accessing my location without permission, is knowing how they do it (know your weaknesses).

web browsers location

Actually, most of the current browsers come with geolocation already from the factory, this program transmits the information of the websites that are visited, for this reason the question of whether or not we allow access to give our Location in some places, but of course not all.

This happens to try to improve the user experience, with more detailed suggestions depending on what you visit the most and also, for applications such as Google maps, can perform a more accurate trace. The result is our almost exact, not to say exact location.

Now if with your head with more knowledge, it is time for you to learn to protect your privacy as a professional in the field. The first of the browsers is Google Chrome, to prevent it from tracking our position, we must do the following, open the browser, look for the icon with the three vertical lines (it is on the right at the top of the screen) .

Once there go to «Setting«, Click on»Advanced configuration» and then in «Privacy”, Then the section with the name of «Content settings», then “Location”, and last but most importantly “Do not allow sites to track my physical location”, ends with “To accept”.

The second on the list is Opera, another of the best web browsers of 2020, so as not to waste time, the first thing after having the browser open is to press a button that has the same name as the browser.

Once this is done you click on «Setting«, Then to the section»Choices«, Then»Advanced”And finally in the option“Activate Geolocation ”. Here you just have to deactivate geolocation and voila you give «To accept”.

Edge and Firefox

To continue learning how to prevent web browsers from accessing my location without permission, now it’s up to two of the best Edge and Mozilla. The first would be Edge, since this does not have the option as such within the browser, you must first go to the Windows 10 settings, once there go to «Privacy» and later «Location”.

hooded person hacker

In the list that will come out there is an option called «Microsoft Edge», deactivate it and voila, you are free to browse the web without giving your location. And last but not least Mozilla Firefox, the first step in this is to open the browser again and then go to the upper right where there are three horizontal bars, we press them, and we go to the section «Choices”.

There press «Privacy«Once this is done you must activate the option» Use protection against tracking in private windows, finally click on the box that appears below where it says «Manage your do not track settings», and press the option «Always apply do not track» and ready.

Now if with all of the law it can be said that to prevent web browsers from accessing my location without permission, you yourself have become an expert.

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