How To Prevent Websites From Saving My User Preferences (Example)

Did you know that when browsing the internet, so-called «cookies» can gather so much information of us that can invade our privacy? Quiet.! Although the risk is always latent, we teach you how to prevent websites from saving user preferences.

This information is important, because when we connect to insecure networks, a hacker could capture the «cookie» that identifies us and impersonate us. There is also the risk that browsers leak our personal data. Of course.! the «cookies» they also have a very positive purpose. Let’s see which ones.

user discovering cookies or their personal data behind a website on their tablet

What is a cookie? And the relevance in personal data

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It is a file or folder that the browser saves, there it stores small data of our preferences or our usage habits. Said data is used by the servers of the websites that we visit to archive different types of information that identifies us when we visit them again.

The translation of cookie it is cracker, and the term is very appropriate, because as we visit websites, we go leaving crumbs of information about us.

What kind of information? Hours of connection, websites visited, articles viewed, configuration preference such as language, among others.

This allows the websites to know precisely what we have seen, What we like. This, in turn, has benefits because when you enter a website you experience personalized navigation.

For example, if you search YouTube for cooking videos, the next time you log in, it will show you videos related to your culinary preferences in the first row. Let’s see how to prevent user preferences from being saved.

various browsers and a pencil trying to remove user preferences from the web

How to prevent websites from saving user preferences

For this you must make sure that the browser is updated. Then we will start to configure it. Google Chrome, one of the most popular and that makes it easier for us to manage the permissions related to cookies.

  • We open the browser and go to the upper right to press about 3 vertical points and click on setting.
  • In the left column we click on Privacy & Security.
  • We will find a box with several options that will make it easier for you to delete, activate and deactivate cookies and other site data. Even block cookies and more.

Mozilla Firefox. Steps to avoid saving user preferences

  • Open your browser.
  • We click on the button menu located in the upper right, identified by 3 horizontal stripes.
  • Then we click on options.
  • A window will open and click on Privacy & Security, is located on the left side.
  • Several options will be reflected.
  • Let’s go to the section cookies and site data.
  • We click on Manage permissions.

Firefox helps us use custom settings for history. It makes it easier for us to block pop-up windows as well as to consult the list of blocked sites that we have prevented from storing cookies on our PC.

Internet explorer

  • Open your browser.
  • Click on the tools button (identified with a gear wheel), located in the upper right.
  • Click on Internet options.
  • Then we play the Privacy tab, click on settings and select advanced options.
  • In this window is where we are going to choose whether we want to allow or block first-party and third-party cookies. At the end we click OK to accept the changes. Close the window.

Why are cookies useful when saving user preferences?

Among the cookies we also have our own cookies. The same are necessary for web pages to load well in your browser, while they were designed to provide a more personalized experience from the web to the user. Its objective is to improve the service provided by the sites you visit.

They are usually very useful on sites that involve online shopping, since if you have problems finishing the purchase process, your own cookies make it easier for you to remember the things you had in the cart, preventing you from repeating the process again.

On the internet we will find all kinds of risk. However, always we will have tools that will allow us to protect ourselves against threats that we may occasionally encounter.

Being informed and configuring that personal data can I prevent them from saving a website and being up-to-date is what will help you protect your privacy and enjoy navigating this great information highway. And if you have any concerns related to the subject, you can make them in the comments.

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