How to Print a Document From My Chromebook Easily (Example)

The Chromebook is still one of the cheapest devices when it comes to laptops. Although they are quite inexpensive portable equipment, that is not why they are of poor quality, on the contrary, because these devices take better advantage of Google services. Here we will guide you so that you can work with peace of mind with these devices. For example, we will show you how to print a document from your Chromebook. And of course, as always, very easily.

What is Google Cloud Print?

Instead of pairing to a printer via Bluetooth or USB cable, as most computers connect, Chromebooks employ a different and innovative method known as: Google Cloud Print; that allows you to print from your Chromebook as long as you are connected to the Internet.

print document in chromebook

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Once you have configured your printer to the computer, the information is transferred to a Google server, which depending on the type of printer you have, you can choose several options to have your document printed.

How to print a document from your Chromebook?

If you bought a modern printer, maybe it’s a cloud ready printer. In other words, it connects directly to the Internet and does not need long configuration processes, as most old printers do. By doing this, the print job will be sent directly to your printer from the cloud, configured automatically.

To print document with Google Cloud Print

  • On your Chromebook, find the document you want to print and keep it open. Click on File, and then select To print. More quickly you can run the shortcut, simultaneously pressing Ctrl + P.
  • In the window of Google Cloud Print that will appear, click Change.
  • A dialog box will pop up. Select a destination from a list of printers and options. Choose your printer from which you are going to work.
  • Choose Print and Done!

Your Chromebook and not-so-modern printers

Pairing a printer with your Chromebook is a somewhat more extensive process than the previous method and also somewhat different. Pay attention because we will explain how to set up your old wired and wireless USB printer to print from a Chromebook:

Printing with your Chromebook via the WiFi method

  • Make sure to connect the printer and the chromebook to Wi-Fi, so they can work simultaneously.
  • Click on the gear icon. This will open the Setting.
  • Click on Print, in the menu already expanded.
  • Now choose the option printers.
  • Chrome OS should detect and choose your printer. Click the button save and it will be set as the default printer.
  • When done, click add.

Printing with a Chromebook via USB cable

If your printer is very old and does not support WiFi connections, you can configure it with a USB cable. However, this method may not work on older printers, because you cannot install software or drivers on a Chromebook.

  • Connect the USB cable from your printer to the appropriate port on the Chromebook. Use the cable adapters you require depending on the Chromebook model.
  • Once connected, click on the gear icon. To access the settings.
  • Click on to print in the expanded menu.
  • Click on printers.
  • Chrome OS should detect and list your printer. Click the button save and it will be set as the default printer.

print document in chromebook

There are many advantages to using a lightweight laptop like a Chromebook. Obviously, they are somewhat different from Windows 10 Laptops and MacBooks because it is based on the Google browser. However, they can easily perform simple tasks that allow you to do a lot of productive activities.

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