How to Print a Double-sided PDF or Word Document without Getting It Upside Down

Documents and files are very important elements for any type of company. These documents help to control the resources and personnel of the company as well as to know the movements made previously.

There are different types of documents that are protected in different types of computer formats, among them are: ISO format, these documents are disk images that can be recorded on another cd or pendrive.

Format JPG / GIF / PNG which are used for images, AVI / MPEG / MP4 format which are video formats, DOC / TXT format these are used for creating and editing text files, EXE format for installing new programs, MP3 for audio and PDFs.

What are PDF files?

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PDF files are derived from the acronym Portable Document Format which in Spanish means portable document format. These files allow you to display your documents in a reliable way usable in any operating system or software you have on your computer.

This format was created by the company Adobe Systems, in 1991. With Pdf format You can enter or exit maps, texts and images composed of vectors, files, audios, hyperlinks, graphics. PDF files can be input into PageMaker, CorelDraw, InDesign, OpenOffice, and FrameMaker. But you can still open and edit a PDF document in Word on Windows 10.

Many people use this format because the presentation of their documents is clean and can be displayed clearly.

The PDF files They are governed by the ISO 32000 standard, in addition to the PDF / files that are applied for engineering, the PDF / A file for the documents to be archived, and the PDF / X files for the files to be printed.

In addition to this document is the Microsoft Word document, which many people use to do university, college, office work, some even use Word to create pamphlets, flyers, brochures.

On the other hand Word is a writing and writing tool. This was created by Richard Brodie and Charles Simonyi for IBM in 1981, based at that time on the DOS operating system, which was later absorbed by Microsoft.

Then over time several versions of Word were made on different platforms, in 1983 it was also included in the IBM computers and on Mac computers.

Makes it possible for you edit the texts In a simple way; either with different fonts, size and color, word counter, adjust margins and a spell checker. You may view your document Before printing it in case it is necessary to modify it, it has several tools to facilitate your work. You can even save a PDF or document when it only lets you print on the web page.

How can you print a double-sided PDF or Word document without turning it upside down?

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Next I will show you step by step how you can print your PDF or Word documents double-sided without it coming out the other way around and thus obtain a document ready to deliver, and in case you do not have black ink available you can learn how to print a text document without having black ink in the cartridge

Step 1

Proceed to open your document in Microsoft Word in the option “File” press click on it to choose the file to print.

Step 2

Now you will see that a window will immediately open to enter the printing screen, now look if the option to “Print” on both sides is available, if it is not in this option look for it, sometimes according to the system of your computer or your printer may be in other options.

Step 3

If when searching in print it does not appear double-sided, look for the manual of your printer, in the index you can find information that refers you to a content to apply it and then print.

Step 4

If even so in the manual you cannot find how to do it, look on the internet according to the brand of your printer or equipment that you can do.

Step 5

It may be that the default settings does not allow you to print with the double-sided option, now check if you can proceed to change its configuration.

Step 6

If you still can’t, do it manually, print first one side of the sheet and then it precedes printing the other blank side of the correct side time.

Finally, we remind you that you can print a document from a virtual machine in VirtualBox

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