How to Print a Full Sheet Image in Word without Borders or Margins

The use of a computer is something totally essential for most of the people, because despite the much use that we can give to our mobile devices, we really cannot always do the same work that we can do in a computer on a mobile.

That is why many people tend to look for the computer that best meets their needs as a user, because not all computers are for work but also for playing. video game, design and more. Ultimately, although a mobile can be extremely powerful in its specifications, it will never have the same comfort as a computer.

Given this, many people end up working from their computers, whether they are jobs of logo design, advertising, marketing and creation of all kinds of contents. The computer makes it easy to creation of all this content, because it has a screen large enough to read comfortably, design with a drawing tablet or even make all kinds of presentations on them.

Similarly, the people who are in charge of writing lots of papers or documents on their computers, due to how a computer keyboard is operated. Now, if you are one of those who like to write documents, references or are dedicated to that for their work, you may have found yourself in the scenario where you need to print a document with specific characteristics, whether you want it in black and white , in color, and even in reverse order.

Printing methods are often quite particular for certain documents, especially when it comes to the space on the sheet that should be printed.

That brings us to our main point of printing without borders or margins, because if you are in need of printing a document with these featuresYou just have to follow the next step by step to see everything you need to know about this process.

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A borderless document

It is possible that you have made a design, you have made a text, or you have a photo that you want to print and you don’t want those annoying edges to appear on your Blank sheet. When this happens, you have several tools to choose from, and while Word may not be the best Program For this, if it is about images, it is still possible to do it there.

However, if you have a particular photo or image in your hands, we recommend that you use image editing programs, or if you want something more basic you can always go to Paint, Powerpoint or similar programs.

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Printing without borders or margins

Let’s imagine you have all day preparing a Word file to be printed quickly, and that you want it without borders or margins, and that when you go to the printing options you are a bit perplexed to see that you cannot find the fast option to print without margins or borders.

This is because even though Word has print options for written documents, it is not always too friendly to do this type of printing. AND

It is possible to do it with Word by going to the paragraph settings or the document and fixing the margins by putting each value at 0 and testing until you are satisfied with the final product, or you can go for the option simpler.

As such, in order to print without borders or margins, you have to go through the page setup process through the printer.

Once you go to print through the option “File“, You have to go directly to the properties and select the mode”Photo“If it is an Epson printer, but if it is an HP printer you have to go to the properties, and within the option of”Paper / Quality”Select the option of“borderless paper”.

As you can see, this can vary depending on the printer, so take your time exploring the configuration of the printer until you find the correct option.

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