How to Print a Poster or Poster at Actual Size on A4 Sheets in QuarkXPress

To print a large project, you can print it on multiple sheets using QuarkXPress. With large size, we mean all those that exceed the conventional size of a sheet. For this reason we will teach you how to print a poster or poster in real size on A4 sheets in QuarkXPress.

Although it is currently possible to design creative posters or posters online for free, QuarkXPress also allows us to carry out this process, but clearly for this we must know exactly the size of our sheet. Otherwise, the printing may go wrong. Either way, the usual size is A4, although some countries handle letter size as well.

The process to print the poster in QuarkXPress is very simple, although creating the poster can be somewhat complicated. Even so, there is always the possibility of making a banner with Microsoft Publisher, another very useful program for this purpose.

Advantages of printing a life-size poster on A4 sheets with QuarkXPress

Definitely printing a poster or making a newspaper cover with QuarkXPress at home, you can save us a lot of money. Everyone knows that printing is usually an expensive process when it comes to posters. Fortunately we have a solution.

Using the program it is possible to create large and detailed posters, but it requires mastering the basics such as aligning text and using adjustment guides in QuarkXPress. Also, to get to the printing process, we can use the classic trick of printing the entire poster on A4 sheets. Clearly, later we can join said sheets one by one.

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This process is perfectly valid with the QuarkXPress program, but some basic settings will need to be done. Just read the following guide for the purpose of printing a large poster on A4 sheets.

Process to print poster in real size with A4 sheets in QuarkXPress

  • Once inside QuarkXPress and with our project open, it is time to carry out the printing process. To do this, simply go to the printing section located in the options menu. Even so, you can also carry out the process with the key combination CTRL + P.
  • Opening this option will display the usual configuration options. Here the size of the sheet which is commonly A4 should be selected, in turn from other common printing factors. Configure all those options according to your needs.
  • It is very important that the section scales this set to 100%, so that the entire project you are working on is printed.
  • Having checked the above, you should go to the pages section. Here you will find the section segmenting pages, it must be configured in “Automatic”.
  • Configure page segmentation as above, so that overlap options are displayed. Within overlap, the size in millimeters must be selected for the joining of the sheets.
  • Actually, we recommend doing a test print of a smaller project, to verify if the overlap size is suitable for your needs.
  • Returning to the options, it is necessary to activate “Absolute overlap”. Again, check if the size is suitable for your poster.
  • After making the above settings, the printing process should begin. It is highly recommended that the printer has enough sheets.
  • On the other hand, if the poster is really of Great importance you can make a test print. You can do this test print by configuring the printer in setup “Quick” or the one that helps to save ink.

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Finish the job

Once the process is finished, what remains is to join all the sheets in order. You can make it however you want, using tape or even glue. Still, be careful of not spoil the work done.

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