How to Print and Use a 3D Printer From My Android Cellphone? (Example)

Have you heard that it is possible to use the 3D printer on Android? It may seem unlikely to you, however, this is feasible thanks to a series of applications that remotely control the device with some version of the Android operating system.

These printers, today, have become very important in many areas of work, due to the amount of things that can be achieved with them.

And with this growing popularity, different applications have been developed that manage to operate the equipment from any Android device. Nowadays, with the reach of Android, it is possible to scan documents and convert them into PDF or also use an Android cell phone as a microphone on the PC, just to name those examples.

Therefore, there are many of this type, capable of connecting a 3D printer, but only few meet the expectations of users. If you want to know what they are, you can keep reading to find out.

Can any app move my 3D printer?

First of all, you must understand that printers work with a different firmwareThis will depend on the brand of each one or its model.

Likewise, many are built based on other digital signatures, so they can become compatible with applications that also move devices from other brands. One of the most used and preferred by users in OctoprintSo, if you look closely at the Google Play Store, there will be more apps related to this Firmware.

In the same way, we can get one or another linked to the servers in the astroprint cloud, which also keeps some compatibility with many models. That is why this text will only talk about these two patents, with which you can use a 3D printer on Android without major problem.

3D printer inside

Use 3D printer on Android with Printoid for Octoprint

This smart interface has an application that you can download from the Play Store, either Premium or free, which, of course, will be more limited.

With it you can not only control a three-dimensional printer on Android, you can also supervise the creation process, as well as the graphic of the design to be specified.

That is, you allows you to monitor the printing process while it is running, the resources being consumed and the performance of the device.

In this way, you can make sure that everything is going according to plan or if, in fact, there are failures on the part of the team, which will directly influence the results. And not only that, you can also monitor the behavior of your printer, operating statistics such as temperature and power supply.

OctoRemote for 3D printers

Using OctoRemote is another way you can connect a 3D printer on Android, to carry out or personify your designs. This application can be found for free in the operating system store, and has tools related to managing the impressions made with the device.

In essence, it is a simple interface that allows you to control the equipment remotely, with a section of Wi-Fi connection and a graph panel.

In addition, you can monitor the status of the print while it is done, like other prestigious apps, as well as a preview plan of the design itself.

3D print anything

It also has a command console with which you can send directions or instructions to change the printing guidelines.

I can’t sync the devices, what should I do?

This may be logical if you are new to 3D printing and have decided to buy your own device to use from your mobile.

But, when you download the app and turn on your printer, you realize that you cannot find a way to link it, this may be because it does not have the Octopi system.

This is a graphical interface that allows to carry out the functions of the 3D printer in Android through remote means, connecting from a piece of hardware called Raspberry Pi.

This being, a small internal computer (if you want to give it a name) in which you must install this interface, before you can apply all the aforementioned.

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