How to Print Large Maps Directly From Google Maps

Google Maps is a very versatile tool that allows us to know where we are at any time. However, sometimes it is necessary to do without technology and work with physical maps. Although you can export a map from Maps to PDF, Word or Excel and then print it, they are limited in size.

Therefore, this time we will show you a method that will allow you print large maps directly from Google Maps.

First step to printing large maps from Google Maps

It should be noted that a good option (and not so complicated by the way) is to take screenshots to Google Maps and then print them.

If that option does not suit your needs, you can print the map to the desired size with a more complicated process. This consists of the map selection and in filing the information.

Routes of a city on a map

  • Enter the official page of Google Maps and in the search engine of the web portal enter the name of the place you want to see.
  • Then double-click on the area of ​​the map that you want to enlarge.
  • Then use the zoom bar on your left side of the screen to zoom out a bit.
  • Take advantage of this moment to put labels on the addresses of the places you will visit. You can also draw lines, shapes and routes to mark the path you are going to take during the trip.
  • After this, you will have to place the map in the area that you want to print.
  • Now, select the “Link” in the upper right corner of your screen.
  • In the box that says “Paste HTML to include it in a website”, select it.
  • And then press the “Ctrl” button + the letter “C” at the same time, and this will allow you to copy the key.
  • After you have copied the area of ​​the map you need, select the right button on an empty space on the desktop and press “new”.
  • Then you will have to select “text document”, now open the document and select the key “Ctrl” + the “V” button, and paste the HTML key.

Second step to print large maps from Google Maps

When saving the “Link” of the area of ​​the map that you want to print, you will have to take some steps to modify the height and width of the map.

  • Enter the document where you have filed the “Link” of the map and locate the data of the width and height that you want to modify.
  • After the key “box width =”, choose the number “425”, and enter the new number of pixels of the width, which you want the map.
  • After the key “height =”, modify the number “350”, and enter the new number of pixels of the height that you want the map.
  • After this, you open modified the diameters of the map, and then print it the size you want.

Third step to print large maps from Google Maps

To the complete modifications necessary, you will need to take the following steps to ensure that the map is the desired size.

  • After you’ve changed the map diameters, go to “Files,” then select “Save As.”
  • And in the option of “File name” put, “Google Map.html” and press “save”.
  • Now, close the text document and open “Google Maps.html” in the web browser.
  • To open up it may take a few minutes while the settings are loading the size you made.

Step 4 to Print Large Maps from Google Maps

These steps will help you perform a exact area selection of the map you want to print from Google Maps, in a larger format.

  • Now go to the upper right side of your keyboard and select the key “Print Screen”.
  • Then press the “Start” menu and choose the “All Programs” option, then go to “Accessories” and select the “Paint” program.
  • Then press “Ctrl” + “C”, to take a screenshot of the map.
  • Then select “Ctrl” + “V”, to paste the image into the program “Paint”.
  • Once in the program, use the program’s tools to choose the area of ​​the map that you want to print.
  • Once the area is selected, press “Ctrl” + “X”, to cut it out.
  • Now save the new image you want to print, in your documents.

Person viewing a large map

Once, you have completed the map modificationsBy taking it to the size you want, you can take the last step to print it.

  • Turn on the printer, select files, enter the document, and select “to print”.
  • And voila, you will have already printed the map to the desired size.

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