How to Print One or Multiple Page Ranges in Word? – Step by step (Example)

Knowing how to print Word page ranges is just as important as learning how to add signature lines or the many other options available in the program. In this way, you can get the most out of it in your work or study.

Print ranges of Word pages in a simple way

Printing a document at intervals helps you determine which exact pages you want to reproduce physically. This way, you make sure not to use ink and paper on some of the material you don’t need at the moment.

So, in order to carry out the process of printing Word page ranges you must have the document you want to record on paper. You must have the program to open the file and determine the exact page numbers.

Now, open the printing options, this can be done by pressing the “File” button in the upper right corner, then, select the “Print” tab. Although, if you prefer, you can use the keyboard shortcuts “Ctrl + P”.

In this window you have to choose the printer you will use and, in the “Configuration” section, opt for “Custom Printing”. Consequently, you will be able to indicate in the bar “Pages” the interval to reproduce.

To be able to print ranges of Word pages you must write the corresponding page numbers separated by a hyphen. That is, the first digit followed by a dash and then the last digit: “# – #”, for example, “2-5”.

option print in word intervals

Thus, when you press “Print”, the program will only process the pages between number 2 and 5, excluding the rest of these.

How to print intervals by section?

By knowing how to print ranges of Word pages you will be able to eliminate the blank sheets that you used, as well as stop separating documents or similar tricks. However, there is another aspect that you should take into account And this is the section system of the program.

Before proceeding, you should know that these sections are options within Word that allow you to maintain different formats within the same document. The same are marked with page “breaks” and you can see them by pressing the button “Show all” or “¶”.

Now, the trick to print different, specific or combined pages of the sections is simple, you just have to write the appropriate formula.

Print specific pages

In this case, you must open the printing options, just as you read in the previous section, that is, “File”, followed by “Print”. Now, choose the “Custom Printing” to, in the corresponding bar, place the letter “P” followed by the desired number.

For example, if you just want reproduce pages 2,7 and 12, you must write “P2, p7, p12” separate each numbering with a comma “,” if they are not adjacent elements. Otherwise, for intervals, you can separate them with hyphens “-“.

Pages by sections

If, on the contrary, you only want to print some sections of certain pages, you must use the syntax “P # s #”. Thus, “P” corresponds to the page and “S” to the section, each followed by the assigned number.

page header in word document

Then, to print from page 2 section 2 to page 4 section 1, you will have to write in the “Configuration” of printing “P2s2-p4s1”. What the program will take as a specific interval.

How do you know the section corresponding to what you want to print?

To be able to apply this last trick you need to know the numbers of the sections present in Word documents. But, if you are not sure about this, you can use the data from the program itself.

You will only have to open the area corresponding to the “Footer” or “Header” because, in this, Word indicates the section numbers. And, you should also remember that if there is no page break in the document, Word will take all its content as a single section.

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