How to Print Text Messages or SMS From My Android Cell Phone

Many Android users are unaware of the possibility of print SMS from your own phone, in order to make an important backup of its content for future use.

There are several ways to accomplish this task, either through Android’s own applications, or by downloading auxiliary programs through the Google Play Store.

It should be noted that the option to print SMS it is not a possibility enabled for voice messages that have been integrated into message apps, but only those that contain text and symbols within them. However there are ways to transcribe an audio to text, where you could later print said text.

Whatever the reason you decide to print a conversation from your phone, read on to learn a little more about the various options you have to achieve it.

Manage to print SMS through the screenshots of your phone

The main reasons to print a conversation from a mobile device are: to obtain a physical backup of it or the need to delete the content of the message to recover the occupied space, without permanently losing the conversation.

In case you do not want to install new applications to your phone, you have the possibility to capture the screen of it to turn the conversation into a picture, which can be printed later.

Whether you have your mobile device connected via a wireless network to the printer, or you need to transfer the files to the computer via USB cable, it will only be enough to configure this printing to be able to backup the messages.

Send the messages to an email in your Gmail to print SMS

In case you want to print a message that you need to recover, that has already been recovered or is already in your conversations, you should know that you can achieve it through a message sent directly to your email.

To achieve this, you must bear in mind that for each operating system number it is different, but everything is based mainly on selecting the content and “Share”.

send messages mail view message print

In other words, you must press and hold on the bubble of the conversation that you want to send, so that a small menu is displayed that has the option of “Share”.

The program will automatically take care of develop the message as a text in the mail, so you only have to send it and then open the message through your computer.

As a last step, you only have to select the option “Print” within the email, in order to obtain the desired backup of the SMS.

Other applications that can help you print SMS

Either through a wireless network or a USB cable that allows the display of the screen, so that these connections are totally useful when enabling an application that helps you print the content of a message.

Droid Transfer

Within the Google Play Store you can find this practical application, which requires a connection between the device and the computer via USB or WiFi.

When you enable the program, you will be able to enter its main interface and select the option called “Messages” from the left vertical bar menu.

messages print text apps

When selecting the desired conversation and set of messages, you must access the toolbar to press the “Print” option and then confirm it.

SMS Backup +

As its name implies, SMS Backup + is a program designed to back up conversations stored within the “Messages” application.

Enable the permission to manage the content of your Gmail account and activate the “Backup” option so that your conversations are stored and automatically sent to your email.

When you have to open your “Inbox”, you will see a new option called “SMS” in the menu, where each of your messages will be found.

To finish, you must select a conversation and then click on the “Print” option to print SMS or the backup of your desired conversation.

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